Friday, July 18, 2014

Your carriage awaits...

We are celebrating at  dVerse poets' pub this week.  The grass roots of the group began 3 years ago with a small band of people, and we are having a "ball."  It's a virtual garden party and I'm taking the ice....treat yourselves to some good poetry today.

Fountains spray champagne wishes
for the minions,
chiseled ice is kept cool;
Marvel the artisanship
of the centerpiece-
images of us
Carved statuesque sculptures,
frozen in time
Elegant pieces of art,
statues in ice.
surrounded by gourmet                                                                
hors 'doeuvres -
a scene fit for a king
No jagged edges,
only clear portals to the soul
Dormant yet alive -
breathing, yet not,
intimate words escaping
in cool breathes,
warming -
Potent, poignant philosophy
embedded within
Flamenco dancers in ice
flow with the music,
lull us into la-la land -
revealing within themselves
numerous colorful party lights,
each one a poem reflected
in the melting stream circulating,
Their pondering creates
unique interior shine
For poets, writers, of all types
and nationalities-
cool waves fuel their thoughts,
preserves them temporarily,
for us to savor their offerings
until the last birthed
 stanza or word

Looking through the glassy bodies,
or the vitreous book,
we see many slants on life,
candles burning bright
At the ball, masque it is to be,
there are no prize for gain,
no contests and no fame
Join us in the celebration
of light -
There is a party tonight!
Stay while waterfalls
of verses run
to the rivers, and the rivers
run to the sea -
we simply celebrate with joy
reading and writing poetry


  1. so cool...i have a friend that goes to the championships of ice sculpting every year...and its amazing what they can do...and ice carriage...ha...a cool ride indeed...clear portals to the soul...perhaps we do achieve that a bit in our verses...let the waterfalls run with verse tonight...smiles.

  2. oh nice... i could use a bit of ice at the moment cause it's scorching hot here... and how cool would it be to ride in an ice carriage tot he ball... ice-clear - so our verse become very transparent and we can look right into anothers souls

  3. ahh...the ice sculptures add just the perfect touch to the atmosphere. I could gaze upon them forever if not for the melting bit. a very cool, yet steamy, piece.

  4. Love thinking about all the waterfalls of verses at this party. What a grand event you have written about here, Kathy!

  5. That magical ending left me breathless ~ I love it:

    Stay while waterfalls
    of verses run
    to the rivers, and the rivers
    run to the sea
    we simply celebrate with joy
    reading and writing poetry

    Oh, I so want to ride that carriage with you, smiles ~

  6. In Anchorage, AK last summer we went to an Ice Sculpture museum; like beach sand sculptures, there seems to be no limits to the artists' capabilities; ditto for the poets, who can work within or without borders.

  7. I like the idea of the ball as a celebration of light and theses ice statues are very cool (pun intended) and would be most welcome on July evening in Tuscany.

  8. a beautiful painting with words..could feel the sound and dance of the waterfalls of verses...

  9. Ice sculptures melting into rivers of verse from cultures ending up in a sea of poetry is a great concept and image.

  10. waterfall of sure is that here in the ball..what a party...nice meeting you here and thanks for bringing ice..smiles..

  11. You're quite transparent today.... LOL, a wonderland you've made for us.

  12. LOVELY flowing words of verse and bring here to the ball of life online..and creating what comes always a joy for me too..:!free is words..with no price...

  13. Kathy what a fabulous scene you paint. Sounds like the perfect place to be, such vibrant imagery I saw so much happening and some mouth watering treats.

  14. Loved the imagery you shared here in both words and photos. Perfect!

  15. It feels like you were really there, not just in imagination. My favorite:
    No jagged edges,
    only clear portals to the soul

    It seemed to me like we were trying to say the same thing.

  16. And the dance continues - the music plays, the waters fall, and we sing through our words - through all of our lives, in this very fine and inspiring company. Thank you for yours. I loved being at the ball with you.

  17. I love this, Kathy - the look of your whole blog with the basket, the shells......I checked out your art blog and enjoyed the sketches too.....Whidby Island, you lucky duck. It is the ocean that I miss so terribly, living mid-Island as I do without a car to get me to the shore.......the dVerse was sure a wonderful blowout, some great poetry happened over those three days!


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