Friday, August 22, 2014

Pattern of the Osprey..

This week at  we are writing about pattern.  It can be about anything in art or life, so a broad range of meanings and applications to choose from.  This is my mindset this week.

His wing power and wild spirit,
countenance of a bodyguard,
lead our eyes into the white
He sails the westward breeze
above the sandy shore
Along high cliffs his flight,
where crimson fire-weed waves,
catching same sunlight
He flies over sparkling sea,
wingspan fifty five inches wide,
back home to his residence
of gabled fir, cedar trees, and pine
Having traits of the bald eagle,
as well as owls',
he wears a snowy down suit,
vest, and majestic crown
He flies a straight line then dips
as he surveys the beach below,
between the tides where
kelp and sea urchins drift

Osprey outperform the kingfisher,
when hunting the abundant sea
for dogfish snails, other mollusks
swimming and digging to be free
Cattails in the marshes
gather dragonflies delfin blue,
Ospreys each year launch o'er
the Caribbean's turquoise hazy hue,
take extraordinary trips to
places where they can laze,
and stay a few...
before returning to breed,
in a climate cool,
raise a family
There is every reason for us to abide,
conserve, protect and maintain
the species,  letting nature be our guide
to help them survive...
prolong their  sustainability


  1. What an amazing piece of writing. I have always wanted to see an osprey in person :)

  2. They are beautiful creatures. Long may they live. Wonderful poem

  3. i felt like i was on an adventure... really enjoyed this

  4. truth...nature is so beautiful...we should def conserve and protect...change our own patterns so that they can continue theirs....

  5. beautiful creature, beautifully observed and wonderfully described, a refreshing and uplifting read, thank you, Kevin

  6. Osprey and other birds are such a perfect response to the prompt of patterns...not only in their habits, but also in the beauty of their feathers. Enjoyed this, Kathy.

  7. Osprey are very common here in Florida...I never tire of seeing them on their giant nests watching over their young. I so agree that we must take care in our patterns of life so we can best keep sanctuary for all the other creatures that share this world with us.

  8. I always admire your word choice - it's a gift to paint with words as well as you do. Each word has texture and emotion beyond its meaning in conjunction with the other words, you always give us an inner and outer world of brilliance. Excellent work.

  9. Love this.. the osprey is a magnificent bird.. alas a rarity here too.. but they are still flying..

  10. Wonderful poem! A great rendering of the beauty of this magnificent bird.

  11. This made me think of the Seahawks...the bird they are named for...smiles...they are amazing raptors!

  12. hope they don't go the dodo way...these majestic fliers...a beautiful poem with a deep message....

  13. love those majestic birds, we were riding horseback in the mountains the other day and about 10 yards away a golden eagle took flight - It seemed his wing span was about six-feet across.

  14. I don't think we have those down here. I'm on my way now to look it up.

  15. there is something lulling about this write...quite peaceful and lovely...your message at the end perfectly stated.

  16. i'll check back in a bit and see if your poem is up again...smiles.


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