Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Anthony Desmond at is moving on with a new book in the works. He leaves us with several lines of his. We are to incorporate at least 3 of them into a new poem. His words are  underlined below; the rest is mine. Have a good day.

Once, your  sweet love enveloped me,
we played in the noonday sun;
golden grass has grown taller -
our story had just begun
Then you moved and I went away;
the sun departed and rain came to stay,
neon goldfish flashing 
in the pavement waterway
Shade like shadow engulfed me
and like a lioness with belladonna in her eyes,
I craved images of you
Today I felt the fluidity of your presence
when I heard the loons call your name 
It's been a long, long time -
but you are just like you used to be,
the same
You came back into my life for a day,
a lost love found me, in you
and flooded me like a lone streetlight 
amongst the darkness
to shine on what is true


  1. Very clever! You worked the words well, and I enjoyed the sizing effects as well.

  2. The loons calling your name.. that really stuck with me. That sound to me is wilderness, and it becomes a story of a loved one returning.. wonderful Kathy,

  3. Very interesting take on the prompt; it came out kind of like found poetry, & the size differences made me imagine slips of paper like fortune cookies, woven together in a sterling piece. I like the lines /neon goldfish flashing/in the pavement waterway/.

  4. This flows like a song. Beautiful.

  5. neon goldfish flashing
    in the pavement waterway......I just lovelovelove this image of light on cobblestones....and loons - what an evocative, lustrous line that is. How that resonates.

  6. The neon goldfish is such a cool image.
    The loons calling your name has an interesting double play as well.
    I wonder about those that come in and out of our lives
    especially depending on how they left them the first time.
    Sometimes it is scary thinking that they will do the same again.

    I don't know if you did it on purpose but the different font sizes
    make for an interesting effect.

  7. I like the ending of finding and reuniting with a long lost love ~ A tender love song ~

  8. To me the different sized fonts represent time - the distance and the immediate - very effective. A beautiful love song of second chances.

  9. For me every human
    interaction creates
    a new life..
    and to
    with anyone
    is a rebirth
    of unique

  10. Today I felt the fluidity of your presence
    when I heard the loons call your name... that is gorgeous! loved how you used the lines tell the tale of
    a lost love! very fitting!


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