Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Lizzie Bordon



Lizzie Bordon   1860 - 1927

In the era of  cotton mills and factories

in Fall River, Ma., lived a man and four ladies
Mr.& Mrs Bordon, his two daughters, a maid,
whose testimony might well have saved

Lizzie Bordon from being duly executed 
even though her alibi was much disputed
Her dismal life run by her strict father;
her step-mother was such a bother

It is said to have sent her into a rage
her eyes grew big and she set out to wage
war against them when no one was around
maddeningly angry for being housebound 

Upstairs she picked up an axe
and gave her step-mother fourty whacks
Then she went downstairs and bludgeoned
her father on the couch with fourty-one 

The house was indeed a bloody mess
Among the tell-tale clues was a bloody dress
She likely burned it, so no evidence
No one believed in her innocence

She silenced them forever, acquitted in the end
lived a life of solitude with nary a friend


  1. It was the maid wot did it? Great verse.

  2. Lizzie Borden, I forgot about her. She's a classic murderer. I'd love to hear her side of the story, in her voice.

  3. It looks like she remained housebound.

  4. Oh those female killers are in a way scarier... excellent choice.

  5. This is a good story Kathy ~ That was really a mess ~

  6. Nice write! I actually thought about doing mine around Lizzy Borden! But then I went a completely different direction in the end. I've always found her story, or what we know of it, fascinating.


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