Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Blessings in trying times...

Today we are to write blessings poems, offerings to uplift and create better energy during these tumultuous days.

Blessings to those who 
harbor no hate, try to make 
the world a better place
May your hearts enter other hearts, 
chase out what evil there exists
replace with unconditional love

May your compassion 
spread on wings of gaggles of 
geese, as weather moves 
around the globe, touching faces 
with summer soft rains,
loosening roots of anger and fear

May angels ride on sunlight's 
slender beams, uplift 
you when all seems lost and bleak
offering you liquid stairs 
to ascend, overcoming 
obstacles in your way

May forests green raise 
your consciousness as you walk
proudly in truth across the
 liberal grass of freedom
growing on playgrounds
choking out moods of despair

Blessings to those who 
nonviolently fight for 
dignity, clean air,
human rights and medicare
May jeweled dragonflies skip
by, wanting to know your face


  1. This is a beautiful blessing Kathy. Thank You for your profound words.The last stanza is superb. I'm going outside now to look for jeweled dragonflies.

  2. May jeweled dragonflies skip
    by, wanting to know your face

    More often than not, those unsung heroes are not known. Very true Kathy! They go about their noble acts nameless without recognition.


  3. The ending lines are gorgeous as well as all the blessings you wrote here Kathy ~ My favorite part is the angel riding on the liquid stairs ~

  4. I just love "dragonflies wanting to know your face" This is a spectacular lines.

  5. Your wish to stand tall and fight is a good one. We should all do this, not just sit and drink in beauty, but fight so that everyone can share it

  6. What profound words you've given us. The last stanza is superb!

  7. I like this idea: "hearts enter other hearts" And forests raising consciousness and those butterflies wanting to know our faces.

  8. I think we need a blessing for all the people who struggle for the best for all of us... splendid writing

  9. Beautifully written, Kathy. 💛


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