Friday, August 25, 2017

Ask the moon...

It's Open Link Night over at  Find lots of good poetry for reading over the weekend. Mine is prose poetry.

I asked the moon,
 "what shall I do
when I want to just hide?"
Must I bare all, unlike you,
a total eclipse of the soul?
When people want to see only
one side, how long will it take
for the earth to turn to coal?

I ask the stars how and when
they will fall, for how
long they will look down on us.
Why is our journey so toiled and jagged,
such a short haul?
And, it's dangerous
venturing out
The sun is split, filters divided

Today I ask the heavens,
"Is life all by chance
or is it destiny? I
want to know why,
to understand why my life
is longer and better
than others', who live with drought,
disease and tyranny.

Not all touches me
in my corner of the world,
yet I feel diminished by
each misdeed against
I fail in my small
to effect a stream
of consciousness, help  raise the
world above its searing ignorance
and dissonance

I miss our innocence,
even its trial and strife;
the canary's song not startled,
a grazing flock of  deer,
Misty-eyed, I ponder
Orion's prism lights,
asking from whence
comes our happenstance
of being

I can't escape the cold reality -
or is this ugliness a dream?
Whose truth leads us out,
keeps us from falling into an abyss?
Certainly not by a man's whim,
a casual glance
or sneer over the shoulder,
or a barbaric
swoop of arms that miss,

Solutions are hard to come by
without a leader who knows
how to use the bully pulpit -
to enhance
the world we live in,
rather than subtract
its democracy,
and take along with it,
the beauty of this earth
Divine guidance appears
to be in evil hands.
Where are our morals and mirth?


  1. I feel something similar to what you write here: "I feel diminished by
    each misdeed against
    humanity." I also don't know "why my life is
    longer and better
    than others', who live with drought,
    disease and tyranny". I don't think anything of value is by chance, nor do I believe in determinism. Without empathy we would not have a guiding light, but your poem shows much empathy. The light's still on.

    1. Yes, the light is on. We just need to stay determined it doesn't fade.

  2. What an eclipse can trigger off - lots of happenings of natural phenomenon to give some guidance to the future. Great thinking Kathy!


  3. It is enough, I feel, to ask the questions even if we do not have answers.

  4. All those questions are so valid... I wonder what is happening where we only give answers to things nobody questions

  5. I too feel so ineffectual myself in the face of hatred, wars, bullies and dictators ~ We can only pray, hope and help out in our own way ~ I hear you Kathy loud and clear~

    1. Your poetry is one thing you do that helps, Grace. Thanks.

  6. Gayle Walters RoseAugust 27, 2017 at 5:55 PM

    Very pertinent questions, Kathy. I personally am not allowing myself to get bogged down in all the ugliness that surrounds us and that is spotlighted by the media. I'll live the best life I can with the most love and compassion that I can muster and send that out into the world instead of fear and loathing.

    1. That is the best thing ee can do for ourselves!

  7. This is a thoughtful piece asking difficult questions, Kathy. :-)


  8. 'I miss our innocence, even its trial and strife; the canary's song not startled, a grazing flock of deer, uninterrupted' .. oh this touched me deeply! Beautifully written.


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