Saturday, February 2, 2013

Light flickers..power outage..

It's poetic day at and Karen is hosting;  the subject is fitting 
for Groundhog's  Day, shadow and light, and to take it wherever we want to go, suggesting examples in fine art and literature..this was fresh in my mind;  I will never write like Lorca and my art history knowledge is confined..I can only admire and respect their work.  So free form (no form) it is...;)
.....there was a power outage at an interesting moment during the movie I was watching...I tried to recapture later what I remembered..

                                                                                                                                       the dreyfus affair
lamplight flickering..flicker..flick" interrupted..sputters..
"it involves our foreign policy".. off - on - "secret document"..
- off - on "Treason, Colonel Peacock!"  Darn..wanted to watch that movie!
Oh well...dark long?  resigned myself to bed early..the covers
felt needed...welcoming...I lit 3 candles to read by;
lap top not charged_
dark in all directions outside in neighborhood...recalling days when it was fun to play in the dark..
too tired to wait for lights to come back on...but, caution....
do not fall asleep with candles burning...shwoosh, shwish, whoo!
now,  pleasantly peaceful
only stimuli purr of cat next to me                                                                                                                              
the heating pad? .no electicity.. substitute for intimacy off, but...                                              
restorative rest is what I must have ordered subconciously..
and didn't know it....I'm out like the lights.........1 hour later...blinking digital lights..
penetrate  my eyelids..                                                                                                                                                                                              "save the army"...." France!!!"                                                                                                                     
TV audible from other room...
'Ahh....turning over slowly...stretch..all lights are on..
23:00..time to turn them off again..walking through house..switching off...
"you are hearby sentenced to life imprisonment and 300 francs fine.."....loud>>>>>>>>
lower<<<<<<<<;just much did I miss?
EmileZola.jpgTO BE COWARDLY!!"..adjust volume..."knighted to Legion of Honor .. a brave soul..EMILE ZOLA!...the conscious of man...thousands are safe and sound asleep under their roofs in Paris..."  -- turn TV off..dark again...the light and dark of history...myself, a wee bit more enlightened..



  1. Ah, never good to fall asleep with candles burning... I am a bit confused, sorry. Late night scenario, falling asleep with television on? Not quite sure.

  2. this is unexpected rest caused by the power cut...kinda finding oneself in the dark...the senses sharpened.. brought back some memories of childhood dark games as well... times...really enjoyed the light flickers...and love the quote as well...

    1. thanks, Claudia, the movie was made in 1937 and kept those lines are all I remembered to write down ;)

  3. oops...sorry...will go back and make it more clear..yes, power outage the other evening and what ensued..thanks Mary..

  4. I am under the impression this was a movie unfolding of a brave man, building peace not arms ~

    Have a good day ~

  5. I've never been able to sleep with the TV on, but I do know some who fall asleep that way every night.

  6. Ha! Very clever. Wonderful flow of energy on and off within poem itself. k.

  7. ...i always fell asleep leaving almost every appliances still turned on... ah, not a good habit & quite of a trouble making negligence... smiles..

  8. Stream of consciousness makes for a neat play of the pulse and shadows that make up our world.

  9. ha there was a day it was fun to play in the dark...these days the shadow is a bit deep for that in our society...sometimes it is not worth it to watch tv before bed...the thoughts that it gives...smiles...there are times as well the power being out is a blessing...smiles.

  10. love the flow of this piece ... it is Joycean ...

  11. You have captured the half asleep half awake dream world cleverly. Both worlds merge and Zola becomes you.It was in this type of reverie that Descartes came up with the famous philosophy "I think therfore I am" Know this situation well. Excellent poem.

  12. I loved how this poem evolves from the power outage, really well done...very much enjoyed. :)

  13. Very creative way of telling the story of your power outage. Enjoyed reading this, it was fun.

  14. the power is cut, and we don't' know what to do, but perhaps, maybe just to go INSANE!!!

    hades gate

  15. Oh bummer! Just when one starts to enjoy an unscheduled rest, he is interrupted by the TV coming back after a power interruption.
    Your details are vivid and nicely drawn.

  16. great representation of sound
    i can relate to the dark quiet of no power
    and the haiku snippets of news


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