Saturday, February 9, 2013

Synonym of adj. bittersweet => sad ( vs. glad )...

 The prompt today at "letting go".  Having written along more somber lines
 recently I was poised to pen something funny; but alas, I wanted to share my experience of letting
 go (one of them) that means a lot to me and many may relate to.  I know Claudia does ;)

When our eyes first met and said 'hello'
my life's purpose was made crystal clear
Unfolding you I whispered so low..
'I'll not let you never fear'

Dreams were created in your design..
A sturdy nest so not to fall through
Proud to show off and say you were mine
I poured affection all over you

Your wings grew as did your confidence and grace
I in awe of your talents and esprit de corps..
humbled as your guiding light to show the way
I could not be your sail nor would be an anchor

My heart pendulum swung low and high
myriad times watching each tiny step
Felt new pain when you were ready to fly
You came home from college some weekends

I gave you away on your wedding day..
sat by your side when your daughter was born
I learned circumstances always do change
But you are my daughter forever morn

And though you belong to God and the world
and are not mine to keep..
I'm glad you are soaring high as a bird
for that I will ever happily weep...

Sometimes words are inadequate for new poets..
but as your friend and peer...suffice it to say ..
I am honored.....
            ..and divinely blessed
     each and every day..


My Mary at age  42


  1. smiles...your mothers heart shines in this...and it is very moving...i am not there yet myself...still a few years to enjoy before then but know the tension between letting them go to fly and wanting them to stay...smiles...felt piece...

    1. will be just fine I'm sure..if you don't mind the grey hairs..thanks, Brian.

  2. ...heartfelt - it is... other things are just so easy to let go but never an easy one when it is to someone you'd been almost forever in life... And i don't know if i can ever be ready or prepared when it comes to me the greatest goodbyes of all... Your words saddens me & put me back to reality that nothing is constant in this moving world.

    ..good day..

    1. Thanks, Kevin..change is the one thing we can count on ..don't be sad ;)

  3. i could not be your sail or your anchor: that is truly letting go

    prima donna cat fight

    1. it certainly took some time to understand that and getting used to the idea..things kind of leveled off somewhere along the line...I can still worry tho

  4. oh i can def. relate..loved esp. i could not be your sail or anchor...though we try, aren't we...smiles.. lovely pic of mary as well..and it's good to see them fly..isn't it...

  5. ..yes, we keep trying ;)thanks much, Claudia..Mary is a nurse and flies quite well..I'm sure your girls and son are excellent flyers as well..they have such a wise owl as a mother ;)

  6. Such a moving poem...there's a lot to learn about the art of letting go in this.

  7. thank you..sometimes i wonder if it is really me who wrote this..

  8. Touching ~ lovely take on the prompt

  9. I remember the first moment I set eyes on each of my babies...and this brought me to that magical moment.

  10. Lovely write Katy ~ I am a mom too so I know the feeling of nurturning, caring and letting them go ~ They are not ours to keep, a lesson learned in grace ~

  11. Yes, a bittersweetness here, but of course, we would want our children to live their own lives - and you have a grandchild! How lovely. It is hard though, as you express. k.

  12. This is a beautifully written poem, Katy. It starts with the birth of your daughter and travels through until today when you are her mother AND friend AND proud to be a 'peer.' That was quite a journey & so well expressed.

  13. Aww... this is so sweet and your daughter is gorgeous!!

  14. I think words are inadequate for all poets, though some poems (as here) ,ake them seem adequate. Well done.

  15. I think it can't be better expressed.

  16. What a wonderful post for 'your Mary'. It is how I feel about my own daughters.

  17. Such a beautiful moving poem. Your words here are beyond adequate.

  18. amazing parenting poem. lovely relationship =)

  19. Mom, you are amazing and this poem brought me to tears. I love you and thank you for all you have done by allowing me grow and to be the person I am today. I find it hard to believe that I will someday be letting my kids go, but I welcome the journey and also feel honored and blessed to have you and them in my life. Love you!

  20. ...thank you, M; I was going to save it for another day but when the prompt came up I decided to go ahead and post it. A lot is pouring out of me these days...not all of it worth posting ;)...lots of room for improvement. It helps me when I read some of the excellent poetry by others at the website. I love you.

  21. Great Blog and posts kkkkaty, congratulations and greetings from:

  22. That is a lovely speech! Really nice. And let me suggest you have reason to be more proud of her making her independent.


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