Thursday, October 9, 2014

Do's and do-knots..

Another attempt at cubism poem for

Progressives clump when clover hums,
skirting spirits in orange rooms
where anecdotes live unbridled
Hardened by homeless queries
They wore
wore starry headdresses,
sable fur and ate claret berries
Tugboats toasted silent trains of morning leaving
and pledged
pledged unknown amounts of
turmoil to cowards on the beach heaving
Antiseptic allies march
as trinity flaunts her new shoes
Snake pits are no one's pleasure;
meanwhile Ivanhoe leaps
into the lap of Zanadu,
and I cradle the
incense leather and watch the spinning of canoes


  1. ha. the incense of spinning canoes eh? some cool pairings..and while surreal has an intriguing flow of thought...

  2. love the tugboats... just saw some going down the Mississippi... hard workers they are

  3. you write with young at heart style :)

  4. Starry headdresses - very nice (but please no leeches)

  5. "trinity flaunts her new shoes,
    leaving arms in snake pits
    for pleasure;" images here

  6. I am at a loss...which I have found seems to be the case with the verbal cubisms I've had a chance to read....this I must say I am quite impressed. there are definitely some interesting images in this.

  7. quite a surreal write... it is good though when anecdotes have that unbrideled space in orange rooms...

  8. Quite an intriguing piece of work. Most excellent penning.


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