Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sketches in time..

Today Claudia suggests we write a "sketch", tell of an incident in a "sketchy" sort of way, in a colorful way....please take a look over at

Sketchers met 
at the restaurant's curved bar
to draw the intriguing view, decor;           
 dusty specks of gold 
shone from the floor,
aquamarine light refreshed
afternoon sun 
Even walnuts in the salad 
had a toasty brown shine; 
bread and Cabernet, with legs,
 aroma of columbine,

Food for thought were the 
red breasted robins,
tufted, plump, 
drinking from a shallow puddle                                                                                                                

What I think was 
a red winged blackbird,                                      
ushered in the start of spring?                                                 
with a whistling chirp
from high up winter branches 

The gals sketched the fireplace,
art on the wall, every unique thing,
 worthwhile afternoon, I  think,
spent looking across the bay 
where orca whales soon will play
In the background,
mountains newly covered in white
 I sketched the waitress 
with brown pigtails, 
the aluminum kitchen sink,
Music on the CD player - "Fever";
 now I remember who sang it originally -
 bugged me, searched the internet -
Peggy Lee
One more month of winter,
no time to hibernate
Better to partake of an activity
 with others, hugs all around,
of similar sensibilities -
  art, chit-chat, 
and to think that we approach 
or are already in our 70's, 
 sketching each other in 
earthy watercolors 
and black ink

I need to make a clarification:  in the sketch of the women, the one with the white hair is an error I tried to fact she has black hair and was wearing a scarf as a headband..I ruined it and the only way I could think of to correct the big mistake was to paint over in white...


  1. ha. i like the stream of conciousness feel to this...mind popping here and there adding cool to have whales in the background soon....its a lively piece...i like the life you captured...your paintings are cool as well...

  2. It is a good thing to let yourself just go with the flow of the moment instead of worrying about 'writing' a poem. Good write. >KB

  3. What a brilliant selection of brushstrokes. Colours, sounds, the lot

  4. very your watercolors and love that you're painting together in a cool is inspiring

    1. thanks's only my 2nd time going as a group to sketch..I'm the worst painter in the group ;)...nice because there is no agenda, dues, go when you want, no pressure, enjoy sketching painting and could start a group there? look on line for urban sketchers

  5. Loved this one, any of your art? In a sunny window on a cold day is wonderful. Nanc

  6. The wine bottle and the girls at the bar....will fill you in sending you a sketch on of the ladies did of me while there...thanks, Nanc.

  7. Great sketch of the ladies looking out on the bay.. and the poem filled with color and scent.. gorgeous..

  8. wonderful day to spend with friends food and views... sounds like a great day...

  9. wonderful drifting feeling to your poem - loved all the 'sketches' K

  10. What a wonderful way to spend the time: friends, food, a gorgeous view and common activities! I enjoyed the paintings too.

  11. I really agree...better to partake of an activity with others than to hibernate away, even though sometimes that is what one's tendency might be in the coldest of winters. I did like your sketches shown as well. Not bad, Katy!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful thing to do anytime.

  13. I wish I have those ladies with me ~ Enjoyed the spontaneity & art works, Katy ~

  14. I love the way you pull us along through your sketch...Peggy Lee, a true classic.

  15. great way to spend time with friends and be creative.

  16. A beautiful description with some luscious the columbine scented legs (giggles) !

  17. Sounds like a lovely time with, wine, water & mountains in view. But I keep coming back to those plump robins, hoping for spring :)

  18. What a great post this is, and what an incentive to join a group such as this without the pressure. It is so important to develop your artistic potential. The group at the window is a delight whether the hair was supposed to be black or not does not matter. In fact with the window frame in front of her lighter hair colouring is probably a better effect.


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