Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wordle No. 146...

Tiptoeing through bucolic pastures,  
wide field of wildflowers spread before me
Welcoming me collectively, 
 varied species amid tall grasses
All the scented colors of the rainbow 
fill my lungs, float upward, 
potentially reaching others' senses,
inviting all to partake 
miss being a child again
To embrace in full measure 
146to run and play,
no gates to throw me off balance
I kiss delicate petals, 
hold them softly to my cheek
Their  synergy flows outward,
creating preludes in the sky
with kites and eagles fly  - 
afar to an alternate universe,
 perhaps, or return to their former state                            
I  lie down on my back, 
eyes follow cirrus clouds,
opening to skies of blue
Wildflowers bend and sigh in the breeze;
 earth rotates around the sun, 
a dramatic rhapsody
I see no end to the halcyon beauty,
no edges to limit my dreams.

It's the Sunday Whirl.  And our beloved Seahawks are playing in the Superbowl in New York and we are all there in spirit.  Today's 12 words to be included in a poem are above and underlined as well. Coincidence that we fans are now known as the 12th Man.


  1. smiles...i love the freedom in your words...i miss being a child at times...and it is good we get a chance to frolic and act like them at times...taking in the wonder of a new world.....

  2. So invigorating... I'm looking forward to Spring.

  3. I see no end to the halcyon beauty,
    no edges to limit my dreams.

    Yes, one is accorded the privilege of exploring further beyond limits. It provides enormous possibilities to further the cause! Nicely Kathy!


  4. "no gates to throw me off balance" - love the idea of so much freedom here. Makes me miss those carefree days of childhood!

  5. Wonderful flow here.. I so long to lie on my back and look on the clouds.. but it would be cold indeed...

  6. These images are particularly delightful:

    "scented colors of the rainbow"

    "no gates to throw me off balance"

    "preludes in the sky"

    What a wonderful way to begin my day! Thank you!

  7. Of course we can never go home again, but then there are the memories, they can last forever...and you have given many images of memories. Fun to read and fun to remember.

  8. Reminds me of summers in the country - the only rule was to be home before sunset. :)
    Often there was a group of us children, but not always.

    Thanks for stopping by my wordle ~Jules

  9. Your words remind me of a hummingbird, constantly moving, flitting from one moment to the next, alighting (yet still in flight) only to sip sweet nectar that surrounds it. The absolute joy of childhood freedom, of which the hummingbird is a symbol. It dies in captivity just as our joy passes away when bound by the rules and strictures that often come to bind us as adults. This one sings itself around and on the page.


  10. An interesting piece that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  11. I love "creating preludes in the sky."

  12. Beauty is everywhere, so easy to find if you are of the right mind.

  13. A beautiful freeing poem, kkkkaty. Lovely use of the words.


  14. Wildflowers bend and sigh in the breeze;
    earth rotates around the sun,
    a dramatic rhapsody.... aaahhhh... just love the energy in this... wanna go out and dance a bit with them now...smiles

  15. hope your week is going well...smiles.

    1. Yes, thank you..I started an art class on Tuesday...frankly, I think my writing is slipping...I want to participate in OLN but have nothing really good to offer...the prompts help me on the other link days, though,


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