Monday, February 10, 2014

The Sunday Swirl...No 147


Rings of water flow outwardly larger,
rippling peacefully -
in a lake whose only wish
on a list
is to be more free;
to gather momentum,
carrying life invisible from above,
 that live therein and dream
 of swimming upstream,
grasping for more time -
desiring  to swim a mighty river
 where gutsier  fish are plucked,
a body of water who
gives herself to the sea
Emptying herself into the ocean
would be a more purposeful
  type of routine -
truly honorable,  more designing,
elegant and supreme
But by in large, a body as a  lake
would be most serene

                                   Written for:    The  sundaywhirl


  1. It is much easier to appreciate nature in all it's forms if you personalize it as you have done here. I love writing about the emotions of trees and seas, and I think they are pleased that I do too!

  2. all rivers roll eventually to the ocean....
    soon enough the water will leave the lake...but the lake will still be....

    1. I do like that the lake will still be... wish I had said that ;_)

  3. A wonderful tribute to nature's nurturing currents,


  4. I like your personification of the lake. Sometimes it's good to be the little guy though, less stress!

  5. I love how water connects always, beautiful poem. Thanks for your support of my writing. I am going through the most horrible time of my life.


    1. ...keep writing, P, and stay connected to others...;)


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