Monday, February 10, 2014

Lack of stars...

Sunset leans into night,
signing it's name in blackness;
nothing prepared me
for the lack of moon and stars,
when hope held up each hour
waiting for a sense of you
My eyes close in a dream of us
long ago
It was real,  and the ache
came back to me just now -
how could I have been so wrong?
I can't wait for the sunrise
to take you away again,
for the burning in my eyes
keeps me from seeing the road
I am traveling on now, tonight 


  1. wow...full of emotion this one kkkaty...
    night is when the memories come out...
    and there ware def days i wish for sunrise....

  2. Yup...thank for the comment....
    this poem stands alone...may use it for OLN ?


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