Thursday, February 6, 2014

Song (Ode) for a cedar tree...

Skins of nature - mixed palette of salad greens,
cappuccino,  mottled beans, 
 strains of eggplant purple to hazelnut cream
Statuesque cedars trees, born of circles of rings, 
surrounding me now, assembly of kings
To you I must bow my stalwart friend (s)
for your many talents hiding

Here's to your transcendent roots
for longevity
your viscera  so real to the touch,
your classy irresistability,
infinite tolerance 
Your strongest suit - a canopy     
of boughs, 
Shadows within
your brackenwood pulsate,
pair with  patches of blue sunlight 
Streaking through you,
patterns of nature, 

You charm me to sink 
into arms comforting
on shivery nights -
to commune 
with the full ochre moon
Meanwhile sable feathers fall 
from wings of owls 
in flight 
From you I draw strength 
and serenity, 
in this world of contradictions 
And when I'm old and tired, 
I reserve my quiet place 

 From your sacred cradle,  
 - where I will lie my head
in bed of cedar branches
on pillow of eiderdown,
I'll inhale your ambrosial scent
And upon hearing  
celestial carols sung from above
I'll smile and step
 onto stars' threshold  
You by my side,
our imprint but a fold in time__________
             eternally ______

Today's theme is lyrics or to write a poem song at  where Gay is hosting the bar.  Far from Leonard Bernstein  - remote to Bob Dylan, and in a short period of time, I thought this would suffice as it does have a tune.    I added the lullaby tune after the fact, thinking it more or less has the melody I was trying to get across...hope you can hear/see it.


  1. what a beautiful song... and what an ode to the cedar.... love the lullaby like quality... beautiful images and trust and peacefulness...

  2. Ha, I like reserving a quiet place! However, I'd like one before I am TOO old or TOO tired. I enjoyed this, Katy.

  3. I love the canopy of cedars.. you make me want to go out and bend my back to the sky and just look at those trees.

  4. a fold in time eternally...i like the magic of this...the use of cedar as well is engaging to the senses too...def agree it is a world of contradictions as well and its nice to have that place or person to retreat lean into and on....smiles.

  5. you have a magic with words and how you frame them that makes it so easy to let the readers imagination take them there...

  6. Very beautiful Katy. >KB

  7. Lovely verses specially the last stanza Katy ~

    From your sacred cradle,
    - where I will lie my head
    in bed of cedar branches
    on pillow of eiderdown,
    I'll inhale your ambrosial scent

    I wish I had written this ~

  8. We sprang from the sea, took our new refuge in a tree, long before we understood metamorphosis, or how long it would take to fill the oceans with garbage, warming the globe, enraging the tides, taunting the bays, waiting for New Orleans to become the new Venice; yes, your ballad is beautiful.

  9. I closed my eyes and could all but truly engage my senses. Your words were so evocative of place and mood. So beautifully rendered.

  10. What a talent you have for giving us all the sensory reactions - those deep smells triggering pre-speech memories - indeed a lullabye that serves well as a eulogy - so much good in this, so fresh in its images, so rich in detail. Excellent work my dear.

  11. just right to be sung... perhaps the right voice sings it into being....

  12. This is a beautiful song. I love so many of the lines. They're dreamy, meditative. I like the end - the place of serenity. You did a great job with this.

  13. You have written a really lovely song...simply beautiful.


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