Thursday, January 10, 2013

Arms outstretched gratefully...

Arms outstretched..reaching for stars                        
or readying to take deep bows
Kindness from strangers lets me
basque in sunlight
under their admiring brows
The contented feeling comes when
breezes blow... life
borne of a mystery..
One with the universe..
residing here forevermore;
part of stories, lore
and history
I am the Windmill

But my wish is to dance
through the hills to the sea
drinking old sherry
meeting others like me
Turning gracefully with
winds calm and serene...
.. I can also be wild,
felicitas and merry
I love museums, a bullfight;  I'd defend
my country..
I love a good wind storm to
unleash the emotions I feel... for I want to
be a part of the reverie...
...I wonder..
can anyone see that in me?
We landmarks are never wary..
but Cervantes gave me immortality
,,for his rendering of
a chivalrous man,
his horse, his friend and heroine..
built with stone, mortar and wood
I'm a model for others worldwide
Painted bright white,,
gleaming in the distance
as though in a Van Gogh delight
I mean many things to different minds
I serve as a reminder of dreams gone by
I stand for hope for the future  - ideas,
vision and forsight....for,
all windmills have souls on site

Victoria at  dVerse Poets Pub  invited us to write with imagism, using descriptive visuals to describe a feeling..


  1. Beautiful writing. I love the last stanza.....and thinking of dreams gone by and future ideas.....sets my mind pleasantly wandering!

  2. i serve as a reminder of dreams...windmills are cool...and def carry that symbolism...nice nod to don quixote as well....smiles.

  3. Katy, I think this is one of my favorites of yours. I had never thought of all the symbolism to be found in a windmill. Love the reference to dreams gone by along with hopes for the future, the mention of Cervantes and van Gogh. I enjoyed how you got INSIDE the windmill! Very nice.

  4. I like the image of the windmill stretching for the stars ~ A hope for the future, a meaningful share ~

  5. all windmills have souls on awesome is really took my mind on a journey with this one..thank you...smiles

  6. You had me singing the tune from Don Quixote. We loved those windmills in Spain, we drove through that area where they were on all the hillsides. Made me want to go back.

  7. Wonderful personification of the windmill and exposition of their "character/symbolism."

    1. thank you, victoria..i think I missed the imagism mark abd wrote a personification...still learning the many forms;)

  8. Love the idea that windmills dream of escape. Excellent personification. Great poem .

  9. Such a cool perspective. Really enjoyed. k.

  10. But my wish is to dance
    through the hills to the sea
    drinking old sherry
    meeting others like me

    I don't know exactly why, but this reminded me of early Yeats. Beautiful words and thoughts!

    1. wow..that is a very nice compliment..thanks, Nico

  11. You did wonderful with this prompt. Your poem reads like a classic. It is soothing and gives me pictures to run in my mind. Beautiful.

  12. I just love windmills... a wonderful piece.

  13. I just love did a beautiful job for the prompt. Made me feel for those melancholy windmills.

  14. Beautiful write, Kathy! One often reflect on memories and wonder on the future. It's a learning process that can be most rewarding. Nicely!


  15. ..very beautiful Katie...and a refreshing tone me a total quite scene for meditation and remembering the classic poems i've read lately...keep up the fascinating works my friend...smiles...

  16. Bullfighting Quijote in Spain,
    A windmill shrugs on a plain.

  17. Wonderful mix of words and the imagery they bring forth. Thanks!

  18. You wrote a beautiful personification of the windmills. :-) Very well done. :-)



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