Thursday, February 21, 2013

graffiti in Seattle...

Participating at today we are exploring graffiti poetry, the underworld artistic society of misplaced or unknown people making statements via this age old manner of expression...

Hits you like a bolt,
the stark satire
   graffiti on a bus -
birds drawn on a wire..
music streams from the ferry..
behind the stadiums.. the train tracks
  wise words spray painted,
some scary..

Culture unseen by many...
.. life depicted colloquially
rapidly move the world..
a city with it's heart on it's sleeve..
Guns and roses, too

                              In other words...
                                      bleeding sides of buildings..
tell the pain and glory
dripping colors cry out or smile
Warehouse walls shout "Viva Zapata"
..chalk drawn art as a time capsule
for martians compiled...
 "Elvis lives"!

Giant sketches of boobs & high heels,
words date the world of heroin,
bikes & tattoos..
.... a plaintive's plea
for amnesty/NOT the new Tea Party
- freedom of speech no doubt..
Glad it's hidden from
youngsters' eyes, tho
            4 letter words you know
..and hate..
         Exceptional art stands out
   amid funky scribbling
      ....they made a movie with
                  Dreyfus & Ron Howard
                           History scrawled -
shapes filled in//
time warps....
           speed bumps//
Now that's what I don't
call hip anymore!
Tower of Babel,
                                gardens & art gone -
                                   reminders of war..
                                      tumbling down governments
                    ..democracies yet to be borne
Zeppelin -
 Lil Abner.....yin yang,
...Peace, Man...
above all ...

 - it all hits you like a bolt


  1. I enjoyed the trip along the graffiti wall with the diverse quotes and notes....It does hit you like a bolt ~

  2. I like the leaps and feints of this, the mix of moods and eras.

  3. hahaha you get a wicked pace going in the tour d force of graffiti...even worked the movie in there....above all LOVE, that is for even worked in GnR...haha...i like...smiles...nailed it...

  4. You really capture the atmosphere here.

  5. Great graffiti collage!

  6. The poetry mirrors the style, a collage of time and message that you pull together in a cohesive piece. Very well done.

  7. You captured the sensibility so well...

  8. This is beautifully done. Your words mirror the exuberance of the art.

  9. a poem full of images and colour like the wall =)

  10. it all hits you like a your journey through graffiti...bleeding sides of buildings..
    tell the pain and glory
    dripping colors cry out or smile.... i think it so captures the feeling of a time as well

  11. A beautiful poem ... graffiti conveys so much from the heart !!!

  12. Thanks for this excellent graffiti tour Katy - histories time lines expressed in art.

    Anna :o]

  13. What a superb post! Congratulations on it and much thanks.

  14. You more or less prove that this form of expression is here to stay, whether we like it or not. Well done.

  15. Marvelous poetic journery here....enjoyable reading.

  16. I appreciate all of your comments today..graffiti, whether we like it or not, is another form of poetry..there is a place for it ;)

  17. "bleeding sides of buildings..tell the pain and glory..."

    That line sticks with me. Visual.


  18. What a wonderful meandering graffiti walk through from brilliant to less so, all the way to offensive. Very creative

  19. An interesting take on the subject - I enjoyed it!

  20. It goes in all directions and caters for the deprived and the downtrodden. Such outbursts can tell lots of ills that otherwise are left simmering! Nicely Kathy!


  21. Whoa! Really nicely done and as I'm just down the road apiece in Tacoma I know exactly what you are referring to and to have this kind of visual with the compliments of words...well, you hit the nail on the head and could do no better.

  22. it's all here. wonderful wonderful work.

  23. great photos to accompany your poetry. Really a great presentation. Love the idea you bring up regarding the time capsule, where history lives, really great examples you chose as well. Enjoyed. Thanks

  24. Thanks for the graffiti tour of Seattle - colorful in words and images.

  25. Read aloud, this is like a beat-poet treatise.


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