Thursday, March 7, 2013

Babbling mountain brook... we are writing about where we each live..

Hiking to a clear mountain stream
or lake..... nothing less than stellar 
views of curling ferns...downed logs
and moss sleeping among the forests beds..
trees that reach high and nudge snow sprinkled
mountain ridges...winding trails with stories to tell...

Deer cross in front of me, unafraid,  salmon spawn up river...goldfinches arrive does my craving for strawberries out of season...
Marguerite daisies sprout
from rich soil...
full of nutrients of understanding, 
supple ground renewed with 
seeds of knowledge.. as I sit... 
on a large rock
after a long climb....
hours lost in the poetry of trees..
their soulfulness surrounds and carries me.. arms outstretched, they absorb all.they hear.  

They wear verbs for a coat.. preserving ancient tales..of love's haste and remorse, voices echoed down old paths....feelings lifted or dropped like pine needles by lovers, mountaineers, other passersby...their leaves and fallen twigs are nouns tossed in the air.....telling of decaying and growing....teaching patience and tolerance..forgiveness, chiding and redeeming...absolving...displaying nature's comings and goings.....
Here in this sanctuary, the forest begs to be read...the babbling icy brook longs to quench my thirst; 
my spirit is broadened by fresh scents of pine and cedar...
where sunlight comes and goes...
waiting for me to turn the pages of its soul, listening...

Sitting beside a woodland waterfall...on a rockery...nature speaking with me, 
an inspired listener...
a book is a tree..a tree is a book?  Is a cloud is a conversation?
No one knows where I am right now...
will the stones of the brook 
how it was today?
As the ivy climbs and falls, what secrets will it tell?  
Are the rustles in the bushes a code?
...if a wild rose is compost a wild rose?
I want to know...
...we all breathe freshly in unison

by klr


  1. Katy, this is incredibly sensory, wow! Yes, the land does beg to be read, you are so correct in that.


  2. There is a poetry in trees and conversation in clouds... I believe it.

  3. Katy, I think I would like to live where you live......

  4. We are so lucky to live in places so rich in beauty and close to nature. You describe it well,Katy.

  5. Oh luck you, your poem is like a waterfall, cascading such beauty for us to read. So many ahs today!

  6. I think you are an "inspired listener" to record such imagery. Beautiful.

  7. ah well you are right where i love to be...used to be a place like this we would kayak on could sneak right up on the deer drinking...some amazing pastoral scenes out there in the middle of no where...smiles...beautoful textures you brought out to it...

  8. I really, really, want to be where you describe. Fine work!

  9. I really appreciated the rose/compost question (and the fact there is no need to answer).

  10. I love the deep, quiet forests...sounds so idyllic there. Only inspired listeners can speak of the things that you did here...just lovely.

  11. "the forest begs to be read" oh, this makes me smile. beautifulwork.

  12. The forest is my favorite place to be-- thanks for the imagery. And for the line.."no one knows where I am right now"-- I often feel this way, both physically and mentally, when I am deep in the forest.~peace, Jason

    1.'s like you have a secret and share it only with the forest..;)

  13. oh beautiful...the poetry of trees... i knew there's poetry in trees and you can have conversations with clouds and you just confirmed it... really love the picture you paint for us.. brimming with life and beauty and natural poetry

  14. This is a remarkable write: the way you introduce the trees, avuncular in a way, seen it all, heard it all. And of course, they live five or six times our own alloted span. Wonderful to read.

    1. yes and I think that is why we like to hug them as they are so alive..

  15. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful, Katy! So vivid, it refreshes!

  16. Ah! Does a tree fall in the forest if there is no one there to hear it? But YOU are there to hear it! Lovely images of nature and its renewals. k.

  17. Simply breathtaking - the poetry of trees - just an incredibly beautiful poem. K

  18. What a beautiful location - your poem truly does it justice.

  19. What a wonderful place. And I love that title :-)

  20. What a loving tribute to your home. I wish that I could write like this.

  21. I found this magnificent, was completely absorbed by passages such as:-

    They wear verbs for a coat.. preserving ancient tales..of love's haste and remorse, voices echoed down old paths....feelings lifted or dropped like pine needles by lovers, mountaineers,

    I also found it to be dense and wonderfully layered. As I said... magnificent!

    1. I'm glad you found it absorbing..a very nice compliment.
      Thanks, Dave

  22. you've captured the mountain brook... it's been years since I've been there, but you've stirred the memories

  23. Sitting beside a woodland waterfall...
    on a rockery...nature speaking with me,
    an inspired listener

    If only we look for the goodness in life, it's all there.If only we care to listen just as much too! Nicely Kathy!



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