Saturday, March 9, 2013

Moon glow...

Brian Miller at asks us to write a poem around 10 words, preferably given to us 
by someone else. With help from my grandson  ( if all were up to him the words would have 
been awesome, cool, Lego and well, I think you know what I mean), we came up with the  2 nouns - flame,  dawn...3 adjectives - white, sleepless, broken...3.verbs - kissing, found, turn...
and any 2 other words - dragon, goodbye...

Moon glow   (Moondance)

Outlined sharply by blue-slate dawn sky
the castle ruins remain where I left them,
appearing like moon rocks fallen
from my body
I am the crescent moon falling
slowly in the east..
faint distant flutes
swoon an ancient melody
- for it was not meant to last,
the love between you and me..
sleepless days wandering, a truce..
a white flag hangs from a spear
planted in the garden.. scarecrow.. 
broken mirror prisms dash light 
diagonally across 
the courtyard.
Kissing you goodbye
meant I would not return
...but I did..and found
no frightening memory, rather markers 
of what still can be..
like a new baby dragon
being born out of it's shell in the wet
clammy sand;
and not blown out by
the winds of change, a flame...
that reveals possibilities ...
a different course of action 
from revolving, turning
a trajectory from which I can
slip into another order...
for my heart is in no race 
to another universe..
sure of itself... but
will never lose again..
take second place..I have
my dream ticket to paradise                                                                          

                                                                                                                         by klr

 As an after thought, and in response to Gretchen's music prompt, I would like to add that this Van   Morrison song pretty  much encapsulates the feeling I wanted to convey with the above poem. Only after   perusing all my favorite music did it dawn on me that there is a connection for me,  albeit subconscious ;)


  1. oh i much like all the images here...wonderful what you did with the words..i love the baby dragon...the castle ruins like moon rocks fallen
    from my body...
    I am the crescent moon falling
    slowly in the east.. just some of my fav parts...

  2. Beautiful, and what excellent choice of words you got ;-) and yes I agree with Claudia, the dragon you fit in so well.

  3. smiles...come on....where is LEGO...smiles...ha...i am a little surprised my boys did not give me LEGO to work with as enamored with them as they are....nice...kinda fairy tale-ish...that oath in the end to never lose again...if only we could you know...smiles....

  4. This is beautiful ... loved the way you used the words !!!

  5. Oh, this is just beautiful and heartfelt. So well and thoughtfully composed... My favorite lines are:

    "my heart is in no race to
    another universe..sure.. but..
    ..I will never lose again..
    take second place..I have
    my dream ticket to paradise"

    You used the words very well indeed.

  6. I am immersed in a game called Skyrim right now [yes, grandads can play games too] and this would not be lost in the soundtrack to the game, which is music and verse. It just fits it so damned well.
    A great choice of words and the way you weave them has left me wishing I could match your talent for telling a story.

  7. This poem has a Celtic feel to it and uses the diverse words well, even dragon! Nice that you got the grands involved.

  8. Creative weaving of words...I like the birth of baby dragon, the possibilities are endless as blue slate dawn sky ~

    1. I kind of thought the contrast was striking myself ;) thanks

  9. Very nice and really creative. Love the baby dragon line. :)

    1. Thanks Gretchen...btw I added a footnote clip of Van Morrison music in response to your prompt ;)

  10. Hopefully your young Lego hero approved of the result.
    Puff, eat your heart out :-)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Aprille, thank you..this dragon no less magic than Puff, I'm sure..please see the added diamante poem by him I posted ;)

  11. I do hope the new direction/ second chance proves well.

    1. did ...a long time ago ;) thanks, Laurie

  12. the castle ruins remain where I left them,
    appearing like moon rocks fallen
    from my body
    I am the crescent moon falling....totally loved that opening, very evocative. And I think your grandson's poem is cool! Thanks.

  13. I like the emotions of moving from love lost to opportunity gained...perhaps even from fear to steely integration of the chosen words.

  14. I am completely talentless when it comes to poetry. :(

  15. Dear Katy
    Looks like love is here to stay. Loved that crescent moon of yours...


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