Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter bonnet...

Blushing Edwardian lady
sitting prettily in a pew
wearing her Easter bonnet

Young men admire her courting
turn their heads askew
outside they gather promenading

Whoosh of the accordion
clashes with an orchestra tune
ride a wagon in the sand, donkey drawn

Throw a ball to a dog cavorting
carry a picnic basket chock full
play croquet on the lawn maybe

Join the paddling boat party
the shore of France within view;
eating at a cafe' drinking tea and tonic

Peppermint ice cream flavor of the day  
A sailor waves his hat in salute    
Her hat has pink roses on it                                    

Strolling an inland meadow
Taking a tin type photograph  
Watching a live puppet show -
All pastimes of an Edwardian holiday



  1. I enjoyed the inspiration you found in this painting. It seems the young men were more interested in thinking about the young lady than in prayer. And it seems their minds are fantasizing picnics and paddling boats instead. Smiles.

  2. Thank you Mary; the church was the meeting place back then and most all social activity stemmed from going as a community..it must have been a pleasant time..


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