Friday, April 5, 2013

No irony lost here...

Recent photos from NASA reveal
deepest space;  lasers mend arteries -
Countries' divisions simmer still,
but who comprehends histories?
Genes can decide royal destinies;
yet poverty flourishes i.e.
gangs against gangs,
guns stream prolifically into
our neighborhoods -
aerial views of which you can see
now on Google, readily

Babies in Somalia dying,
food here wasted,
Instant everything -
yet unfortunately,
too poor to own a cell, some
lose their battle with danger, ultimately
Movies with special effects,
yet are our children the main priority?
Stalemate, while those who would do
damage acquire guns
with audacity

Live a celebrity's life vicariously,
intimacy offered via
reality TV
Overstimulated with data,
self help books, connectivity,
we still can't solve
problems of disfunctionality -
or maneuvering changing life styles,
gender, age gaps,
marriage difficulties;  together,
yet it can be so lonely

Living is better,
we've come a long way
..though not in some more meaningful
significant ways
However,  I personally take heart,
have not lost faith -
for I have seen progress in my lifetime,
the White house now is home
to a gentle President, born of different genealogy;
he lives in a building built by slaves in the
1790's...closing a not conceived circle                                                                                  
in American history

For the prompt from Victoria Slotto is irony in poetry


  1. Excellent irony, with so many examples of wrong priorities

  2. Nurturing optimism is important in a world so crazy, eh?

  3. You defintely have written about some of society's ironies, things we don't always / often think about.....unless placed in front of us in this poem. Well penned.

  4. So many ironies here, specially on being connected yet being being lonely, the abundance of food here, but people elsewhere are hungry and dying of starvation ~ Of course, a black/mixed President in the White House is the great leap from those years of slavery ~

  5. ugh you build this well..sometimes you have to wonder at where our priorities really are in this world...when people go hungry and we fund 1 million dollar research on some of the strangest things...useless really...

  6. just recently i read that one billion people in the world are hungry and it makes me swallow hard how some struggle to survive and we circle around ourselves and in comparison sometimes small problems...well penned katy

  7. This is brilliant work truly. I have been thinking a lot about our priorities not just a global scale but in my own life as well

  8. You done a really good job with irony exposing political issues. Thanks so much for sharing this, Katy.

  9. Well thought out and written.

  10. Ironic at so many levels, Katy. Well written too.

  11. the priorities are what the people in power say they are, and we can think adn wish, and there's not much we can do about it :(

    First Rose

  12. So much there is to be depressed about, but being depressed only adds to it. Your upbeat ending was exactly what was required. Incisive writing at its best plus hope! Thanks for.

  13. A lot of irony's sad what goes on and here we are feeling helpless...I loved the ending though and that there is always hope...we've got to have hope!


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