Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trail of orange rinds...

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Orange rinds strewn 
leave a trail to the edge
of the island 
below the boardwalk
She sits on her knees bending 
in the sand, forms 
into an upright  "W"

Reason for his no show, 
unknown - 
tightly she grips 
handfuls of sand, 
letting it sift through 
her fingers over and again
Little consolation
the evening stars, 
shooting and landing in the sea
.. it seems,
small distant splashes 
gold, grey, salient green
She walks between the large rocks,
anemones reach lazily,
floating seaweed trips toes, 
she stops,  listens for his voice,
steps on broken crab leg debris

- plunging into the salty sea 
headfirst, submerges herself, 
holds her breath 
til she can no more,
stokes into the night waves,
now the same color as the wet sand,
she goes to the beach blanket,
table setting for two,
basket of food 
and wraps a large shawl around 
her shoulders
to keep goosebumps, tears 
from welling
Canaries sing their nightfall lullaby,
glass souvenirs ride frothy waves 
of whiskey spiked butter cream light 

The namer of winds had none 
for the taut, maple sugary breeze 
that now plucked the silvery threads 
of a spider's swaying web -
sea and floral scents filter through 
palm leaves, 
balm for a newly broken heart, 
as she falls asleep counting 
velvet ribbons 
of night sky

Then morning cries - out loud
the old sun new again, warm 
promising, bright
she knows it's better
to be alone
than with someone who 
does not tally, hold his own,
want your company
- the tide ebbs, as she does -
island girl - bred by the sea


  1. Being a beach bum at heart, I love your blog! And the heart shell photo is just beautiful!

  2. Delicious with details and nuances. So lovely.

  3. she has a new day...despite the disappointment of last night...of his no show...his loss apparently you know...but i feel her frustration and hurt...the night swim is good, a relief...love hte way you put this section:

    The namer of winds had none
    for the taut, maple sugary breeze
    that now plucked the silvery threads
    of a spider's swaying web

  4. Great descriptive quality to this-- as though I was right there with the smell of the sea. Nice~ Jason

  5. Yes, indeed, sometimes it is better to be alone. You set the scene well & created someone I have empathy with.

  6. I am glad that with the new day she realized he was not for her. Beautifully done...you painted a rich scenario with your words.

  7. I just kinda fel into this. It didn't jump up and grab me, it just slowly seduced me into wanting to read more, why did you have to end it ;-)
    Beautiful piece with wonderful imagery, I managed to lose myself there for a minute.

  8. I just fell into this imagery, felt the sand in my pores. And a good resolve at the end to a snarly emotional issue.


    Lady Nyo

  9. I'm in awe of your writing skills...the shell heart is beautiful too!

  10. Good narrative and the disappointment was keenly felt.

  11. lovely... the vastness of the world almost drowns the sadness

  12. oh i was so sad that he didn't show up but i love the contentment she finds..better alone than with someone who does not tally...true

  13. Beautiful. I love the washing away of her expectation in the ocean :)

  14. Sounds like his loss...she's better off finding out now how unreliable he is...smooth write.

  15. Wow I just love this. The imagery is perfect. So sad that he didn't show up but it's good that she realizes she deserves someone better in the end.

  16. Katy, this is luscious in imagery, well done.


  17. Oh, so beautifully rendered. You capture that feeling, and the getting over of that feeling well. I love the descriptions of the winds:

    The namer of winds had none
    for the taut, maple sugary breeze
    that now plucked the silvery threads
    of a spider's swaying web -

  18. Your descriptions here of the ocean, the beach and all the sounds and sites are wonderful. Enjoyed reading this piece.

  19. Canaries sing their nightfall lullaby,
    glass souvenirs ride frothy waves
    of whiskey spiked butter cream light

    wow, just wow!
    The beach is near and dear to my heart and you have made it live in my memory with your verse. Thank you for painting such powerful imagery with your words and helping me feel at home again.

  20. I love the old sun becoming the new sun. Gorgeous images.... Sad for her .

  21. Replies
    1. Thanks Justine..nice to see visit still..it's been two years (?) since we met at Vicki's Umbrellas online class ;)

  22. Your writing is beautifully descriptive; I have all sorts of images in my head, each one sensuous and lovely. Happy weekend to you.

  23. Beautiful - I happily lost myself in her world.

    Anna :o]

  24. Beautiful imagery. You took me there.

  25. Thank you so much Beth..I'm headed your way in the morning to read ;)

  26. nicely put. :-)


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