Friday, October 31, 2014

Field of dreams..

The smell of hay and horse -
 she lifted the latch of the wooden fence
How does one really know
when one stays too late
for one or the other's sake;
what is it about fences and fate?

She fill the water trough,
puts wild oats in the feed bag,
 Large nostrils spray saliva on my shirt
The two lovers dallied by the barn
his arm around her waist -
the blazing sun went down

The sanctuary of a heart welcomes
and echoes love's shouts and
occupants step in it's open door
When someone occupies one's heart, 
then leaves, never to return,
is it in the finer scheme of things?

It was so perfect,
to ride those long summer days
Her withers shuddered
as her buckskin hide was brushed
Sable eyes sucked in affection,
boots closed the fence gate with a slide

He left her when 
he said he loved her most
She felt it seep into every pore
During a lifetime, she wondered,
how many have just one day
like their 10 months before?

Like being served warm apple pie 
with two scoops of ice cream -
 The sweet tooth of youth
is the sweetest illusion
One can't really lose love
if one doesn't have the best kind

Does life imitate art mostly?
Or did she simply borrow him?  
Did it really happen?
She wanted to know true answers,
what she did wrong?
She built better fences with her pain
keeps her horses in meadows green
 What does she sing  for a refrain?
For if one blots out the blood
it still leaves a stain

Claudia at dversepoets.comasks us to write about seeing things around us, looking at them differently.


  1. whew... heavy with emotions... i like the images you chose to make us feel your heart here... and...Does life imitate art mostly?... a good question... i think art helps us to understand life... to make things visible that would go unnoticed... and to help us breathe...

  2. Deep love and love lost can raise so many deep questions and leave a deep cavern. You certainly have captured the loss and thoughts beautifully here.

  3. So sad this read this Kathy ~ Perhaps its the love that is never meant for us to keep & hold ~ But always such experiences enriched us in many ways ~

  4. Profound reflection on life, love and loss.

  5. You got the horses just right - and the love too.

  6. I love the line building stronger fences with your poignant and true. We never really lose love it just hides for a little bit but always returns in some new way! A lovely poem and love the horses...takes me back to someplace nice!

  7. The horse part drew me in immediately, having and loving lots of experiences with horses and I liked the way you paralleled the horse and the love.


  8. Hard hitting emotions here, Kathy. I was especially struck by "You left when you said you loved me most." And yes, the stains of love lost last a long time.

  9. Such profound thoughts and when love is invoked it gets the one all soft and easy to yearnings of togetherness. It can be invoked funny enough through ordinary things previously missed. An ordinary horse can even trigger feel of warmth! Great lines Kathy!


  10. nice rhythm, esp there at the end...and there are some zingers in the line on losing love if you have never had the best.....been a while since i was over to the stables...i used to go all the time when i worked with a kid that horses were his happy spot...

  11. Interesting mix of metaphors here, K.; strong emotional imagery--hard for me to tell if your "Lover" left through death or choice; but for sure you will always have the ten delicious months to savor. The thing about poetry is often as writers we role play within the poetics, so it can be hard to separate your actual voice from your imaginative voice--but regardless, this piece is a good ride, good poetry.

  12. It is a poem of unrequited love, personal, but the lover is a composite of the men in my life, but you are correct - I will try to make it more clear as to first or third trips me up sometimes..thank you.


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