Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yes, we have snow bananas?...

Forgive me for I had not planned this nor do I think it is particularly artistic...why and how does one combine the bananas and orange and the icy snow storm for a story?  I am snowbound, have all I need, but not much fruit which is the prompt for Ana's Wonderland photo shot over at her blog and this is my contribution.

Nothing fancy here with the camera either.  To be sure, the storm here in the PNW has caused many to face dangerous circumstances, and I am fortunate to live on a pretty creek, away from the traffic, and not have to leave home.  But as you can see, there are branches that have been cracking and falling due to the heavy weight of icy snow.  I've been hearing the noise all day and see that they are continuing to populate the creek and the yards in the neighborhood.  Plenty of cleanup work for someone in a few days, after the rain.

Silly I suppose, but the thought did occur to me that both the tangerine, yellow and titian colors combined with photos of the white and brown and blue-green of the trees are a fun play with color.  Am I kidding myself?  Then,  I imagine both snow and fruit can be plentiful, ubiquitous - as opposed to barren, empty, or unfulfilled.  Might I be stretching the analogies here?  But there must be a point to this post...or must there?!
It's not about Fire and Ice, a good book by the way.  It could be about frisky animals running about, but there is not a toad or rodent tale here to tingle the imagination.  The 'yield' or result here is simply that it might be close to the height of smugness on my part that I even think there is a story here to tell...or there is,  and someone else would do it better justice.

From my humble office window I see two ducks scouting  for more bread to be tossed their way.  Earlier they were slipping on the foot deep icy crusted snow, racing for food.  

Fortunately I feel safe during this time, but I have a torn Achilles heel tendon which means
I have to wear a boot and keep the foot immobilized for several weeks from a week ago.  So I will feed the birds and squirrels and 

now go back to the jigsaw puzzle on the table. Luckily, I still have power, so there are options of watching a movie, baking banana bread, or perusing the Internet.  My mind is not as prolific as the snow and icy rain have been, however.  Nor is my head producing any fruitful ideas, so I will heed the loud voice inside that tells me to forsake this course of prolonging  anyone's boredom.  Consider it another experiment in blogging, and I trust that,  if there are no responses, it could indicate or prepare me then,  for my future blogging prospects ;-)  I hope all affected by the storm have better weather tomorrow and not a lot of flooding...and safe and bountiful days ahead.  


  1. what you did is very creative, thank you :)

  2. I very much enjoyed reading this post. sort of a stream-of-consciousness flow going on here. the close-up of the colander holes is my favorite photo, but I like them all. they work perfectly with your story that you weren't even aware you were telling. I hope the storm has moved on away from you by now. I think it has arrived here... happy weekend to you Katy.

  3. I love this one - great thoughts and all around the snow and fruit. Lots of wit! Perfect that it's about your day and life and the weather outside! Nanc

  4. Thank you Nanc, Ms. Becky and Ana. I'm glad it was worth a comment or gives me hope;)

  5. Enjoyed reading your post. Yes the weather outside is frightful...we had freezing rain here and it's just been a big pain to try and get around. I went out for the first time today. I love the contrast of the bright colors of your fruit paired with the starker colors of the wintery scenes. Stay safe, warm and dry.

  6. Ramblings of the creative mind! Thats what blogging is all about! Great job and love it! Keep warm it will be 82 here in Florida today!


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