Monday, January 21, 2013

Drop of rain..

A petite mirror sits frailly on a petal's lap
napping on soft white parchment padding
having landed on the daisy from a light rain
again birthed from a passing low cloud
renowned is she for her pleasing oval agility

Happily robust and whole for awhile between
green bladed leaves and ochre pollen
when she's on her journey to becoming 
something more in the grand scheme of things
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Quivering nervously at first yet supple like mercury
she slides downward into the playground of life
rife with risk of evaporation or changing state
trait borne of hydrogen and meander
rivers or run down a human cheek 

  the imaginary garden with real toads        Imaginary garden  withrealtoads is a fun place to share poetry and Sunday's prompt is 'chained rhyme' poems in which 'rhyming the last syllable of one line to the first syllable of the next' is done..


  1. Very subtly played with the form--really nice - and a great subject too. Lovely. k.

  2. Lovely! A simple drop of rain, yet you see so much meaning in it :)

  3. Beautiful. You have given that drop of rain LIFE!

  4. Lovely flow as you hit the mark of a chain rhyme. The reader FEELS the rain. Effective.

  5. This is wonderful, and I just love your last line.

  6. create great feeling...esp in that last stanza for me....on the journey of becoming something more also was a nice touch in this...

  7. Very nice!! The form is so natural I was near the end when I realized it!! Lovely topic, too!! :)

  8. "to meander
    rivers or run down a human cheek" - I love the way you play with words !!!

  9. ..Thanks all...'you make it worth while' ;_)

  10. let the rain come ... "happily robust and whole for awhile"

  11. very cool personification of the rain drop and giving it a character as well...i like much...and the subtle rhymes give the piece a great flow as well

  12. Oh my goodness I can't do poetry but love your shot!


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