Sunday, January 13, 2013

From birth to age 5...

From birth until age five, I was in a fog 
lullabies, toys from the cradle were mine 
food, warmth,  love, innocent play
a world so small , a brain so benign                                                                                         
my  grandson  age 4 (2004)
behaving in my unique way                                                                              

Wonder, freedom, magic were givens
laughter and tears - part of living
learning to crawl come easily.. 
I had the luxury then of being                                                                 
cuddled and cared for like royalty                                                                      

I was not aware of my limitations
All was fairly calm                                                                                
and nothing outside my world worried me...                                                      
but with time,
cognitive development and
social skills expanded my world
As my body grew ( as in cell division)
my world grew                             
By age five, new cells had replaced  most                                                                                                                              
of the original set (except most neurons)
making room for more

There's no going back
Exposure to more people upset my rhythm
I was uninhibited before...
there is a mysterious form of protection
built into our core.
Life happens and we react
new rules are born,
Good parenting is required..
for the system changes and reality
depends more on
one's point of view

Cells replenish every few years
each growth spurt has its own benefits..
But it's to that time..
between birth to five
I'd like to retreat to again
Impossible, yes,
but we do try in many ways
.. it's good to know..that there was a time
when we were the teachers,,
and with perfect goodwill...and
by God's good grace.. ...
........we put on quite a show


  1. i so think that the warmth of those first 5 years never leaves you during your whole's like a power generator that never stops producing warmth and energy even when you're 90.. discovering the world with its bigger connections is exciting, isn't it...your poem reminded me when i discovered time as a kid, i still know it until today, i was quite small and not sure if i even could read, i stood in the kitchen and saw the calendar on the wall and somehow realized, that i'm somehow, somewhere in a place, a span, that is divided into minutes, hours, weeks, months, years and i can't really describe it but it was an overwhelming experience

    1. I thought I replied to this earlier but I will gladly post it are so right, Claudia, and I think your story about the calendar is amazing,, as if something clicked or cleared in your mind and heart;)

  2. Very well explored and written. I totally agree...that time before we become cogniscent (im not sure that's the right word, or even if it IS a word lol) is so precious...because we see the world with no judgement...and everything is to be discovered. And as Claudia says above- time is such a strange concept... I even struggle with it now!!

  3. is interesting how over time our relationship to our kids change...i mean there are the big ones but i think there are little times all along the way there are subtle changes to the relationship...parenting is def not for the faint of heart...

    1. no it is not..I'm sure you are an excellent parent though..

  4. And I treasure those innocent years, untouched by experience, tragedies and scars. We learn over time that we need to protect ourselves so we build barriers. I specially like the last stanza, and I believe in my mind we can ~

    1. ...I hate to think of small children being hurt or scarred..I treasure those years,too..

  5. A beautifully thought out write. Those years before age 5 ARE so precious indeed. My granddaughter is 5 right now....I treasure her moments of innocence still!

  6. Those formative years are truly so important. I think your grandson is adorable. I can relate to you, my grandson is three.

  7. Yes - absolutely - and a good show was usually put on for us too - I tend to think the most important time - your grandson very cute. k.

    1. .thanks...i wish i was as carefree as he is in that photo ..

  8. Having those first five years safe and happy can take us a long way.

  9. I remember very little of those particular years of my life. But I do remember bits and pieces. It all included love. Wonderful poem!

  10. Beautiful poem. I remember being five only because we have a video of that one birthday and I was so excited and nervous and filled with childish dreams.

    1. Thank you Gretchen, that must be a great video of a milestone;)

  11. I believe we can. We can not reach the silliness of the child, and I don't think any of us will. But we can reestablish the innocence and faith, by faith in The Lord. Jesus said so. :-)

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I am not into the habit of getting drunk, but I agree with you getting drunk now and then is not necessarily bad. Nothing is bad to the child like. :-)

  12. you are welcome..I am not either, but i know some whose creativity is heightened by it..sometimes.

  13. Those years are so imprinted in our unconsciousness...and it's always fascinated me--to think how our physical body renews itself, and indeed how our life cycles in all dimensions.

  14. Your poem made me sit back and try to think on my own first five years, and I have to say that it escapes me... much like your striking image of cells replacing cells, those memories have evaporated.

  15. ..I know, it's interesting, especially up to age 3 for me. The memories I do have up until age 5 are washed in a kind of haze or aura, as if I were insulated somehow or in a state of hypnosis where the mind/spirit/ even soul possibly are on a different plane from our bodies. By the time we are 6, we are functioning on a higher level of awareness. There's kind of a sweetness about memories having evaporated, not that they didn't have an impact, but were forgotten. Perhaps it's my imagination, but there are scientific or metaphysical explanations for it which I have not studied. BTW, the form of the poem IS sadly lacking, I'm afraid...thanks for stopping by.

  16. Those first 5 years are so precious. To retreat to that 'safety' would be something. The world can be so unkind and to hide in a place of feeling treasured really is a cool thought. Nicely done katy.

  17. This is an interesting take on Stu's prompt.

    I know little of my first 5 years except what my parents have told me - usually the embarrassing stuff I'd rather not be reminded of. Part of that was because by the time I was 5 I had lived in 4 different countries on 2 different continents, although I didn't realise that then.

    So I'd quite like to have those years of innocent discovery over again - and this time I want to live in one place for the whole 5 years so I have somewhere to tie my memories to.

  18. ..that would make it especially difficult to remember...I"m glad you used the word discovery...the first time we saw an animal and reacted.and so on thanks for posting..

  19. My daughter makes a photo book for her two every 5 years so I related to this. It ends up being a great way to see what growth has happened in that time frame. 1-5 is the basis for it all, though.

  20. ...that is such a good idea to chronicle their growth in block of time like's such an amazing process..thanks for your comment.

  21. The first 5 yrs, an age of innocence. But memory would be at its best. Retention of episodes would linger on more than at later ages. Great write Kathy!


  22. You're right that you and I traveled similar paths here! Thanks for seeing the connection and directing me to it. A lovely, contemplative poem.


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