Tuesday, January 1, 2013

...ordinary New Year night...

dVerse Poets Pubdversepoets.com is where you will find OpenLinkNight on Tuesdays - we are writing our first poetry/prose of the new year..

..on a night like tonight when
the moon drips it's yellow paint sideways
 into the thin air
and Auld Lang Synge is being
sung 3000 miles away, all the grocery carts are
indoors..late shoppers hurry in and out;
my hunt for the eggnog is futile..
the manager waves hello and points me to the lentils,
... they moved everything recently
all else is located quickly and I let the
others go ahead of me in line...
the checker is bald except for both sides above
his ears...he gets off at midnight..going straight home
to his 7 week old daughter..she sleeps 6 hours straight
 at night already..
help out to the car is much appreciated
..the 18 year old fellow will go back to work in six hours...
in June his unit leaves for Somalia..needed there
to keep the peace..others leaving Afghanistan
will join him

the cat feels I've put her off too long...looks lately
like she's gained, or it's her extra growth of a fur coat

...trying not to trip over her I put eggs in the blender
add frozen yogurt, crushed ice, frozen half banana,
skim milk, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg ...
frothing it all, add the last of the rum .. then I
pour it into the pretty brandy
snifter I rarely use....the movie selection is the same
holiday offerings still but I land on the Merle Oberon
 "Til We Meet Again"....
and hope I don't end up in tears; I'm really not in
that kind of mood this New Year's Eve...I  recall for awhile
previous such eves without companionship;  also,
 particularly, a neighborhood sledding party in a
heavy snow flurry in the 70's,  bonfire at the
bottom of the hill...other years there were long
midnight kisses, dancing and then out to breakfast till
the wee hours,
and... many when the kids tried to stay up for the countdown
but just couldn't make it and fell asleep
on the sofa in front of the tv or on my lap..

fireworks went off next door, the loudest making me
 jump an inch...
as I write this I am falling asleep at the computer...
it's a new year..I plan to see Les Mis' today and hope
 I am not disappointed
in my mind, the 2010 British anniversary stage production
and cast cannot be surpassed....volume to the max..
 the sun is supposed to come out so a nice
crisp day to go for a walk..
now to stop rambling...;)
...the black and white screen is flickering and they
are having cocktails on a ship deck......
.dormir bien...zzzzz


  1. smiles...this is lovely..all the memories and i like the the moon dripping it's yellow paint sideways...new year makes me always reflective as well..started this first new day of the year with a long run in the rain this morning...and it felt beautiful...smiles
    happy new year katy

  2. This is very charming - I especially liked the grocery part - so human and real and empathetic. Have a wonderful year. k.

  3. I enjoyed this greatly. It really gave a slice of life on New Years Eve, sharing not only the people you came in met (characters about whom an entire poem could be written) but nostalgic reflections on the past. Glad you were able to find things you needed in the grocery store and came home to a movie and a bit of New Year's Eve 'cheer.' Happy New Year to you.

  4. ha...pretty cool to look in on your new years eve....eggnog would def be nice...my fav holiday drink...love the attention to the little details as well..the grocery carts...the bald clerk...it builds the scene with all the images....happy new year....

  5. Enjoyed this snapshot of your day, though last minute grocery will make me anxious ~

    Wishing you Happy New Day ~

  6. Great narration and I too would love to see Les Miserable; one day :)

  7. I'm fixated on that recipe there in the middle. SOunds so good. Lovely ramble through the past to come around looking hopefully into the future.

  8. Love the tradition echoed here. We make a killer eggnog french toast at our house. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Lovely details.... love the moon dripping it's yellow paint sideways:) happy new year!

  10. I loved the honesty of the day you describe. All those tiny moments add up to the richness of 'the moon dripping yellow paint sideways.' when we savor them! Happy New Year!

  11. I loved your "ordinary NYear night"!

  12. yes this is textured and feels very real and the eggnog sounds yummy

  13. I enjoy your details and fine tuned moments. Love how we get to travel with you in your thoughts from the grocery, to the cat's presence, to the computer screen. Happy New Year!

  14. Very descriptive and interesting. I enjoyed reading this.

  15. Excellent writing! I don't really know why, but I was drawn to these lines in particular: "the checker is bald except for both sides above
    his ears...he gets off at midnight..going straight home" Wonderful work of observation here.

  16. Yes, memories and auld lang synge. Great poem and we can all celebrate together on tv n social medias!


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