Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quantum physics?

Ever since I learned of the Mandelbrodt Set, or fractals,  in the 90's..I have felt differently about the universe we live in.  My reflections turned to this over the weekend, to Deepak Chopra  Buddhism,  and the hyperbolic connectivity that gives new meaning to the ancient meanings of life...

Asking cosmic questions...
contemplating navel..
Free will does exist..
but do we not use it as an excuse?
Theologians and scientific minds say
few answers can be verified..no truce
Society distracted 
by ego related activities...
 like aiming for only the moon
 or conquering foreign territories 
Religious dogma
 either drives us or holds us back
with little regard to healing or a mission 
beyond oneself...wouldn't we want it
to always be June?
Some gurus say said culprit for
our limited scope,
 knowledge and vision...
is our not exploring enough the
universal stream of consciousness
...not lack of hope
Sifting through blinders of time
we need to find those things 
of more value to us than our pain of today
Growth means knowing
that we create our own reality
yet anything can happen..
  A man can break a record, a child can fall, 
By connecting the unconnected
we take quantitative leaps over a wall
So is there a mystical
 mathematical equation?   
hmm...no hard evidence of Wonder Woman,
Captain Marvel -
 or alien intelligent life..but
 Quantum physics of life reveals
  infinite possibilities
 and change takes hold ...benefiting all
Start with yourself...the divine thine
Always remember others..you are also me...
..love your enemy...
Consciously send
 a universal message of community
Show good intentions...shared responsibility
...continuity of all our experiences
is accelerated...integrated and in that there
is a certain synchronicity
Leaning into new experiences
empowers us
with new emotional muscle
 Embrace truth, beauty, justice...        
and dualism disappears
 When approaching life with love
consciousnesses converts to actual events
and all of God appears
 in this domain

by klr

OK, after reading and editing it it still sounds more like a sermon..Buddhism though  makes sense to me......happy day !! ;-)


  1. wow..lots of good thoughts in this...Always remember others..you are also me...... think we still have a long way to go..respecting others..growing into our responsibilites and possibilities...

  2. I found this to be very interesting.

  3. start with yourself...i think that good wisdom...and we are ego driven...some interesting thoughts here and got me thinking as well...i liked your superhero references as well...smiles....

  4. You little copy cat.
    The evidence is clear: I am #54 and you merely #133
    Quantum speculation was mine, all mine

    June? -- I'd choose October, I think.
    If I had to choose. Otherwise, give me all 12.
    Hell, I'd invite another dozen months of variety
    If I could.

    I am not a believer in "universal stream of consciousness" or universal anything -- though I can see the temptation for those previously addicted to Yahweh or other universal stories.

    You sound optimistic: "Change takes hold ... benefiting all"
    I see no reason for optimism nor pessimism. Both born from our perspective, and our fears or hopes, of course.

    But all speculation put behind, the final message of: love your enemy, community, good intention -- hell, any intention. Is refreshing.

    I love your last 4 lines!

    Fun romp, thanx

  5. Thanx for your comment: If universal consciousness was the reason for our writing on quantum stuff -- it looks like others weren't tuned in! Smile.

  6. I enjoyed your thoughtful writing here, Katy. I do think in part we make our own reality, but then again I believe reality makes US.

    Interesting to speculate on "you are also me." This would definitely be a subject for discussion...I wonder how life would be different if people responded to others with that thought in mind.

  7. Nicely penned Katy! Keep searching from within. :) Cheers


  8. I am in the middle of the Kerouac novel 'Dharma Bums'
    which i have just put down and then picked up your poem :)

    having looked long and hard at the fractals (and sitting thru some
    long and hard lectures) i have to say they appear to unlock something
    in us . . . free will? i love the idea of it but believe in in it
    less the older i get . . . i love your energy

    and flow :)


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