Monday, January 21, 2013

Rider in the sky....

Astride a horse without a saddle,
tottering waves fetter deep,
Stallions leap ebbing tides
pulling my chariot
wide still water..
high into midnight blue
Orion lights up spectacularly,
arms open to welcome me..
Dancing bears, a set of twins,
a scorpion and ram, for a few
glide around the globe
in concert with
comet's queues
Sailing the intergalactic
sea.. in a tall wooden ship,
navigating jewel hued
gaseous space..
trail of nuggets of platinum..
where stars are born and succumb,
aligned with a hushed
Milky Way
Touring on escalated
tiers..past bold masterpieces -
palette of unnamed colors
painted by glittered brushes..
the debonair shores
of forevermore
Layered above earth's parade, 
divine zines writ in full flush.
Blotter of ink spots at night,
Spying the origin
of salty brine,
eyeing twining thrushes,

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  1. Just lovely. I feel like I have just had a tour of the evening sky!

  2. ha...i have a romantic spot of riding a ship and the age of discovery so i like you ship riding the sky...also love the stars so nice nod to the that is quite the creative journey you led us on...smiles..really cool rhyme as well...particularly that last stanza

  3. Reminds me of camping... gazing into the endless sky admiring the beauty of the stars...

  4. Such great music here - lovely language. k.

  5. vivid imagery here, makes for a calming read

  6. There are so many intricate rhymes here, I just want to read it over and over. Very nice!

  7. How rich is your imagination ~ I love the stars birthing and dancing ~

  8. Oh what a lovely journey and I do love...blotter of ink spots at night... I can just picture the writer alone, travelling the imaginary worlds from his desk. Very nice ;)

  9. nice...thanks for taking us with you on that sky images...esp. loved the dancing bears and sailing the intergalactic
    sea.. sigh...

  10. Katy,
    You made this such a visual journey. I can see myself holding onto the reins, riding high. salt in the air. Lovely!

  11. Once again in my journey through other people's creative minds, I fnd myself wondering, "Why don't I think like that?" and wishing that I did.

  12. Oh yes... the wonders of nature and our interpretations, impressions do lead to the work that we create. Nicely done, with great imagery and stimulation of all senses.

  13. Love this. I was traveling with you and your words- from stallions leaping to earth's parade this poem has wonderful life and movement.

  14. Beautiful diction and imagery combine in this exploration of the creative process. Very well done. Thanks so much for joining us!

  15. I love your imagery. Made me think of the heavenly bark of ancient Egypt traversing the sky to keep order and balance.

  16. Fabulous! Orion has long been my favorite constellation.... Love your imagery here.


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