Saturday, April 6, 2013

Legal to smoke and Mary Jane..

Today Kelvin over at has us writing anecdotes...should be visit..

Hay wagon hastening down a country road,
radio throbs Stones to a crackling bonfire
Pop! snap! ...lakeside gathering..1969..
not really a party, just friends,
smoking (coughing) marijuana?  me?
 - never thought I'd see the day
Improbable tale in hyperbole
my giggling uncontrollably
- line dancing an Irish jig - to
fiddle and pipe music spewing
 from northern Spain - a real fairies' jubilee!
We could have ended up in the brig!
Really can't remember
what was said seconds ago,
all roads look alike, lost - which way home?
, stars lead us in wider circles,
compass haywire, which is The North Star?
Home has a psychedelic door,
porch light a glowing mood ring
..inside appearing on TV,
The Marx Brothers in "Room Service"-
had me rolling on the floor...literally.
Me? - never thought I'd see the day
Inhaling deeply drew us
into the kitchen,
brownies made of cannabis
3 foot long subway - fruit punch,
multi layer P, B, & J - as in 'High'
disappear in record time
Many years go by;
now legal to possess in Washington,
Entrepreneurs thriving, crime down
Always the good girl next door
'they' did say -
' indeed, this grandma went astray,'
smoked weed back in the day
 - and if grand kids knew I did,
they would surely say
 - "never thought I'd hear that" in dismay


  1. A bit of grass never did anybody any harm. I'l never look at a brownie the same way again :-)Good inspiration for writing poetry, those kitchen fumes

  2. smiles...ha....i had my day, back in college...probably a bit too much ...had a bad trip and havent tried it day my grands will say no way...smiles.

  3. amsterdam it's legal as well..not in germany though..used to smoke a bit as a teenager and remember a really weird walk home...oh my..oh my...

  4. Those were the days Katy, I never knew, ha ~

    Have a good weekend, much enjoyed ~

  5. Loved your story, Katy. Lots of things the grandchildren would be surprised about, I think. Ha, it wasn't my usual 'cup of tea' either, but there was a time a group of us camped along the shores of the lake, and someone brought some and we indulged....and I remember walking sideways in the sand rather than forward as we walked. Can't say I was part of the experience, part of the times! Smiles.

    1. I tried it again in 1998 and then a neighbor had the medical certificate and came over for a visit one time last year...has since moved..never had a bad experience, but not for me on a regular basis at all,, please.

    2. My girlfriend was asked by her parents to introduce them to it via cakes. She warned them not to drink at the same time, but they ignored her. The result was her mother rushed to hospital in a catatonic state, and the police called out...I don't think she'll trust her old folks with it again!

    3. Scary..too many with alcohol, one needs to be extremely careful and stay at home I think.

  6. ...those were dark days i am glad i had never been into... and i couldn't understand the reason why people fell into such horror days... def not a good thing to reminisce but oh enough experience to ponder & learn... thank you Katy... smiles...

  7. I was lucky, I reckon. That stuff put me right to sleep. So, I stayed away from it.

  8. I am beginning to think that my younger days as a "good girl" were actually a misspent youth. I missed out on everything. I liked your poem, kkkkaty!

  9. Ah, the stories of youth that we carry with us... You made me smile at the end. Great anecdote!

  10. This really made me laugh and reminisce! I think my daughter would be appalled if she knew that her mom used to indulge on occasion. I remember literally rolling on the floor laughing as well!

  11. So fun and visual and I say "yes way", why not!

  12. Hey, I was an old stoner, and here in Madison, they have decriminalized less than an ounce, as long as it is not rolled. After years of abstaining, made myself a bit of tea, combined with African Red Bush tea, a little honey... and honey, it WAS amazing! Cannot smoke (second hand smoke from nightclub years bit me in the butt), but ingesting, yeah, I make a killer omelet! The high lasts longer and is mellower.

    Thanks for sharing a fun story with us! Peace, Amy

    1. I've heard this..mellower would be better ;0

  13. Ha ha... this is wonderful oldest son stood up for me once, telling his boss that his mother never smoke weed...totally against it apparently...should have seen his poor face when I had actually had a tug or two or three...hmmm! Very funny Katy!

  14. Don't get me started, it could be a long day ;-) Never had a 'trip' on dope, just got mellow. Nothing wrong whatsoever with trying almost anything in life.
    Been off nicotine and weed for 5 yrs now, not sure to this day if that was a good move or a bad move.

    Very interesting anecdote about being young and experimenting, made me smile and nod a lot anyway.

  15. I never did -- and I so wish I had!

  16. Ah how things change. Eventually, it will be fun to let the grandkids know, just how crazy grandma was too!

  17. Cute post! Great poem! Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting!

  18. My goodness Woman do you ever sleep? Your thoughts and style of writing are tr uly awesome! Bravo!!!!!

  19. You are too kind, Rosemary..I've got to rein in my poor sleeping pattern as I do a lot of my writing at night; it's not healthy. Thanks for the nice compliment ;)

  20. Awesome! Funny memory! I love it!


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