Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring boutonnieres...

SpRinG is the subject today at where Claudia leads us to write about any aspect of it our heart desires.

.. spring morning dew
imbues violet hyacinth petals,
 yielding their marrow's oils -
 pats of pigment, hint of black,
 tincture begging to be lifted
by an artist's new soft brush
to paint on canvas,
exuding potent perfume 

 ... pink-veined white Rhodies
awaiting fog's parting by
noonday rays of light,
brighter today than yesterday - 
we breathe in earth's raw aromas,
 rake soil's dark history,
air in, out again

... cherry trees hail pink snow,
 dogwood trees just know
the miracle of life,
intimated season after season -
taking me back to
renaissance pastoral scenes
gleaned from volcanic born
cadmium yellow, lapis blue,
illuminated by
a Vermeer-like glaze

Spring unveils
aesthetically -
seeds cast on breezes,
carried high where
swallows wing;
paths of fallen birch twigs,
wet leaves,
  tones of nature's achromatic blend;
Streams flow outwardly
 singing their premiere,
 nurturing future ivory, red, pink



  1. I'd love to know what garden or park you drew your inspiration from for this melange of colour for all the senses.

  2. ha..the hyacinth, rhody are mine..the cherry blossoms from a yard down the street...glad you like..

  3. love all the colors and flowers you brought in...the scents and the Vermeer-like cool...aaaahhhhh...spring at last....smiles

  4. Oh so lovely - gardening in spring. Yet very little except crocus yet .. The best remains

  5. Katy, I do wish I could read your poems. The font is small and the same color as the background. I just can't struggle that much to try to read, I must be honest. Please BOLD and enlarge the font or change the background...or something. Sorry.

    1. I've tried to correct this but have had no luck..will have to change the entire blog template probably..don't know why when I chose a different size font or bold type blogger doesn't change it???

  6. Quite beautiful -- both your subject matter and the poems you have made of it.

  7. Loved the colourful splash on the poetic canvass!

  8. This was a lovely bouquet of spring flowers and colors ~ If you can paint them, it would be a lovely canvas ~

    You have the change the template if you like to make the background plain, and/or the font bolder ~

    Have a lovely day ~

  9. Such beautiful colors here, and love the tinctures of the outlines. Thanks. k.

  10. Every photo goes well with every verse, each with a beauty all its' own.

  11. Beautiful poems AND photos. And I appreciate the larger font as well. Thank you!!


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