Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The squinting sun...

Thoughts of you and me falling in love that sunny spring day remind me how the ring outshone the sun, causing  me to squint from it's pointed reflected light

She squints as she drives out her driveway on her way to the doc, sunglasses not withstanding; she goes in for her first chemo round, but it's not such a bad thing she thinks; it's such a nice springy day

Squinting as he rounds the bend, the afternoon's spring setting sun makes it difficult to see; for the sun's glare led to a head on car crash ahead, causing him to swerve

Spring's sun after the thaw brings the finest show and we are in awe; nature's continuous IMAX  review of blossoms and summers' flowers is free to all

He squinted, smiling to himself, looking out the skyscraper window that sunny day; he had planned a special anniversary.  The silver nose of the plane ended all that instantly

Her squinting and laugh lines gave her face such character in her later years, my Aunt Jean

She squinted as the sun on her face locked the tears inside her eyes; she learned this morning her friend had a terminal illness

The blinding spring sun felt good as she rocked back and forth in the chair on the porch, not touching the pain inside;  her baby did not make it though the night...a tragic crib death, apparently

The bombings ruined my day, that afternoon I lost my legs; but the people and sun were out in force anyway

She had the voice that sang operatic soprano in springtime; her daughter was deaf so could not hear

Learning she was turned down for the job meant she would continue to press on, the sun causing her to squint as she left the interview, taking her mind off the negative

One can have the sunniest disposition; no one knows her pain; she tells no one of the suffering or fear inside

She raced happily for years, now nibbles spring's green grass in a meadow, did not lose her life to a broken leg

Too many people died on the bright spring morn of their wedding in Iraq;  life didn't mean a thing to those who set the stage  

The blinding spring sun felt good..tinted gold the fine, elegant hair on her brow

The blind man can't see the light of a cloudy day but can feel the warmth of a bright sunny spring day

They live in a shack, too poor to buy shoes, live on soup, rice and beans; the family is happy to be together, season to season, held together by love and honesty

In spite of the squinting sun, she hit the ball high beyond the fence for a home run

So many other examples of life's odd ironies, when spring's cycle alters the way you feel; when the sun on your face is the best and worst thing, it happens that way every day. Though we do not always see, we know someone, somewhere is learning that... to be is to be

                                          What we dream or plan or do not,
                                          what we choose to do or don't -                    
                                          all is a matter of relativity
                                          What we expect and don't receive,
                                          what happens or does not -
                                          attitude emphatically
                                          matters...makes the difference in
                                          our evolving philosophy,
                                          our adapting outlook
                                          between our survival and/or our insanity

No intention of being glum today..this is what just flowed out of my pen.  It's Open Link Night at dversepoets.com where Grace is tending bar.


  1. you bring what you got...and life is double edged....met a guy the other day who was telling me of a buddy that found out he got cancer...said he never lost his smile and positive attitude...til the day he died...

  2. Truth! Sometimes those who experience the most pain bring the best attitude. I've seen this in it's manifestation and it's truth, you have made me think... you've captured this so well, beautiful!

  3. Love the poem toward the tale end. Honestly, it really made me smile for its complete brilliance. I love its structure, which is so pleasing to the eye, which accompanies what I hear in my ear when I read it. Beautiful.

  4. i love how you weave all the different people and things that happen under one sun...she sees many good and difficult things and it's always the same sun...really has great depth..so beautifully penned katy

  5. This is an awesome write, Katy. And, deep within it is the core of life: "held together by love and honesty"

  6. I like the way you wove the strands of this poem together. So many different reasons for squinting. I, for one, am really glad for the opportunity to squint in sun. It has been a long winter.

  7. attitude emphatically matters...I think glum often has a silver lining if we choose to allow ourselves to stop squinting and open our eyes. Great stuff!

  8. Pain and happiness, sadness and joy, life intertwines them as we look out and glint at the sun ~

    Good to see you Katy ~

  9. This is life.
    So much light woven through everything.
    I admire you let your pen flow like this. I am further inspired.

  10. Damn, Katy, this is so good. Wow! It reads beautifully.


  11. You dug out so many perspectives...so many realities for folks at different times...life in summary...well done.

  12. Wonderful sad (glorious) piece. So much going on somewhere. Really it is hard to have gratitude but, of course, is necessary. And how we (I! at least) waste the good we have through lack of consciousness or appreciation.

    Thanks for the reminders. k.

  13. I beg to differ...writing raises consciousness ;)

  14. So very beautifully written, Katy!

  15. You've captured many tales of our contemporary lives and united them "under the sun". Very well done, Katy.

  16. You've captured many tales of our contemporary lives and united them "under the sun". Very well done, Katy.

  17. Such a beautiful write--I don't know what else I can add that hasn't been said already--such a satisfying read--

  18. As if to second everything you've said, the autumn sun has been shining on my screen as I was reading your words - there's certainly truth here.

  19. Unable to thank everyone individually some days, I do appreciate all of your comments on my posts. The sun has a way of lifting us up, even if we don't want to be..or it can be sunny and bright and one can feel deeply depressed still, but when you must squint to see, I believe, it means you are supposed to look harder - or shade the eyes so you can better see; it's a hint you see, to look on the brighter side.


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