Thursday, April 18, 2013

To the we are challenged..

For today we are asked by Anna to write something about catastrophe.  Like many, I am wary of the ugly news, politics as usual, and general slow decline of humanism.  First I re-posted what I wrote two years ago on 9/11; then I added what I wrote today, paraphrasing what President Obama talked about at the interfaith service in Boston.  I was struck by the girl in the children's choir who was fighting back tears and hope she/all will heed his words of optimism, even though it's difficult to be other than angry, depressed, and pessimistic.  This is not the idealistic world I grew up in - it's dangerous.  How can some sleep at night for not passing legislation that we all deserve?  First and foremost, we need to move protect and prevent more innocent children, men and women (families) from being killed.  The poems soft perhaps, the deep anger not released here, as I don't have the energy today.

by klr 9/11/2001

                         Hear Them                          

In a mist of confetti

souls floated away
Incense of their innocence
their lives were betrayed

Heaven bent lights honor them

Pools soothe aching hearts
Wreaths and speeches give tributes
Doleful bagpipes impart

But for a lasting world peace

candles and prayers are not enough
Heed their breathless cries

Put neon stars out tonight

Find the true rose of justice
So no more will die
by klr on 4/15/2013

 Today we are challenged  

- wherever we might be, 
the peacemakers -
children of eternity,
channeling grace
 into our broken world

Today we are challenged
- to build together,
in generations to come,
a strong spiritual community, 
inspired to help others,
toward a faith richer, denser

Today we are challenged 
- to repair together, 
for our spirits are part of
the realm of something bigger,
to reconstruct and renew
in spite of pain and despair

Today we are challenged
- to heal and endure,
revealing the best that we are,
extracting strength from weakness,
 lifting up what's good
in the face of terror

Today we are challenged
- to give of ourselves
in the form of hope,
compassion and comfort,
hate, fear and violence

 For the peacemakers,

great is the reward,
for our suffering -
drawing this world together
 with the power and grace
to love,
God's last word


  1. mists of confetti and doleful bagpipes... so well sung. may they be heard. I appreciate your plea-ful title and your closure. beautiful writing.

  2. These work well together as one poem. I really like the repetition of "today we are challenged."

  3. Yes we are challenged. It is good for you to call us to rise to that challenge, to be peacemakers in the full light of the knowledge of tragedy.

  4. It is an outrage that they didn't pass the legislation that we need . Senseless brutality .

  5. lifting up what's good
    in the face of terror... it is a challenge...and like anna says, it's good that you call us to rise it...being a peacemaker is not easy, but the best we can do in the face of such tragedies

  6. Being a peace maker often entails tough unpopular decisive actions to be taken. It's a rare politician that's up to the job! My condolences to you all for what seems to be ongoing violence and unrest in your country!

  7. These two poems work so well together. They are both heartfelt and mindful, and it can be so hard to be mindful when writing for these kinds of circumstance.

  8. Yes this is so much truth in this.. and the important thing is always how to go on.

    Disasters come...

  9. Excellent, Katy. We are challenged, and my creed is, "Never Give Up!"

  10. Love the line /find the true rose of justice/ for as imperfect organisms do we ever provide "justice for all"? Justice, like politics, sells itself like a prostitute, to the highest bidder. Your poems are strong, and their messages are clarion, and it remains difficult to keep repeating a mantra of peace in the teeth of chaos, brutality, and jihad.

  11. channeling grace
    into our broken world

    grace is one of my favorite words and we do so need so much of it right now, this is a wonderful challenge

  12. A great mixture of hope and hopelessness.

  13. There is much to worry about, nowadays, and this being so coincides with the absence of belief. As I see it, we must understand the violence and hostility towards "Christians" as sparkled by the lack of integrity among Christians. And the terror within "Christian" nations must be seen as resulting from poor morale. The only way to create a more peaceful world is to regain faith in Christ. And the starting point should be to abandon adultery. Adultery makes shameless.

  14. The news was certainly heart always is , whenever such inhuman brutal instance take place...emerge strong, that's the best one can help yourself and others..

  15. Katy - thank you for your comments upon my blog - having to back tract to an older post because I have turned off my comments. ;). I enjoyed this.


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