Thursday, February 20, 2014

Much needed rain...

Rain rushes down slick streets,                                                                  
swirls into gritty drains,
oily grades of inky water -
cobalt blue, teal, pyrrol orange,
washing away,  
by product of many years; 
could be, from tiny aqueducts inside,
since childhood,  barrels
filled with cried tears -
from those of  a newborn,
multi-faceted tears of a child,
to those of teen angst years;
 'Something old,  something new' tears,
pink and blue ones unleashed
as births heralded

Guttural tears shed

in deep disappointment,
of misunderstandings unfounded,
 purple hued tears for bruises of the heart,
and the crueler kind,
 evolved to black and blue
 Presently a wiser gal,
common sense says she's through -
Bell weather forecasts more storms
seasons of tears and laughter 
yet to arrive,
alternating with blue sky
tears of the bereavement kind,
by far the most salty, refined
Amazingly, Grace makes these
supposedly easier to abide
History dictates no immunity,
so cry a river implies 
infinite  supply,
prolific reservoir system engineered 
to maintain, recycle, let go -
for tears can appear out of nowhere,
at the  dawning or ending of each  day

Strange I  feel 24 years old again,

at heart,  until I see 
the reflection in a window pane
Clearly not a kid anymore,
but what bubbles up emotionally
 is a desire to plan a  surprise party
for myself __ to celebrate the rain
I loved the rain when younger,
puddles and rain on my face,
boots and umbrellas (still do)
But we make a down payment
on  a place in the sun - 
so why not flowers for the living
nurtured by the rain?
To be again that acrobatic girl,
who could walk on her hands -
ride horses on the sand for fun,
jumping everlasting waves
Rain in the northwest is common
but apparently not all people cry
It's  a game I  tell myself,
but winning's not the goal;
All that's recorded streams
videotape of truths and lies,
 cleansed and rinsed by rain,
refreshes and heals on a dime,
it means finishing in style - 
immersed in a sea of  love,
 what matters in the viscera of time


  1. Your various descriptions of the different kinds of tears was so thought provoking . . . it seems I have known too many of them.

  2. Tears .. I find that we should savour them in all forms... tears,,, if we could but feel them inside... if we could use them.. I sometimes think there is to little tears.

  3. cool how the rain brought back the connection to your younger self... the lightness...dreams... go and get these flowers and i haven't walked on my hands for quite a bit...smiles

  4. smiles....finishing in style...that is life...
    its full of joy and pain and both can bring tears in its own way...i like that place in the sun.
    and occassionally feeling young again...rain is always quite evocative for me...

  5. I very much like the way you ended this'the viscera of time.' Well done. >KB

  6. Wonderful progression in this, Katy, from an object (rain) into the deepest experiences of life. I also would love to be that girl again, riding horses on the sand, even into the shallows of the ocean.

  7. I love the nostalgia here, how rain makes you feel, and a reflection on what really matters!

  8. I like how rain leads you to tears and a reflection on life itself! We do like to remember the energy of our younger selves, don't we?

  9. How with love you remember your years and the tears of joy and pain caught up in this life of ours. Love the progression in your poem too Katy - a fine write.
    Anna :o]

  10. I love how it made you feel so young at heart, so carefree, to be an acrobatic girl again ~ Enjoyed this one Katy ~

  11. Fascinating study of tears.I'd never considered many of these.

  12. A true insight, such great details - when they come they are so important, so special but after sometime a tear is just another drop of a tear,

  13. I like your rain, falling like tears for so many reasons. This is a beautiful poem. Made me a little sad, but found hope in the last lines about going in style. Really good write.

  14. I feel 24 too and the mirror always comes as a shock. This is not who I am:)

  15. Nostalgic, sadness, joy, such depth in your words Katy. The ending as the beginning and the middle took me back…made me smile. Thank you for the special gift you have.

  16. this is a lovely read, very emotional.

  17. So many kinds of tears. Very thoughtful piece.

  18. Tears are our feelings expressed in pearls that fall down to oblivion or get soaked up within the layers of our skin. The many facets of tears, rain, aging, joy and sadness, nostalgia... so well-expressed. A tender beautiful write.

  19. Wow. Love your take on all the forms of tears. What an amazing thing. You've woven this together very well.

  20. A study of tears and the blues - or to reference Claudia's poem - perhaps Indigo...I too love the rain. I haven't seen nearly enough of it in my long life. I love a cloudy day, a cool day, a day without bright reflections, where blue can be the brightest color and can truly reflect your mood.

  21. Rain, tears, .... you gave a rich images/description of both. :-)

  22. Great images of all the types of tears and reasons for them. Beautifully written :-)

  23. i absolutely loved this writing!

    tears..the many ways we cry. great reflective piece!

    stacy lynn mar

  24. you paint them in myriad hues..the tears....sort of a journey! they take and us...isnt it?


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