Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bargaining for treasures...

At dversepoets.com Mary asks us:
What is your favorite treasure...not a monetary or jewelry type of thing, but what belongs to you that you treasure most, like a teddy bear? Difficult for me to say....

Bargaining for treasures...

How much for that vintage lamp?

$50?  How about $35?....$40?
I've found many "treasures" 
over the years, items inherited,
all close to my heart
But for me, to pick just one, 
is impossible
We buy items we didn't know 
we needed, an old doorknocker
One can't always get what one wants,
(and rightfully so), a stamp worth a mill'
 so be cautious -
Don't buy according to emotions
for fear someone else might

Estate or yard sales usually end

with both parties satisfied,
but in life's riskier bargaining,
 it's altogether different;
we all have done it 
( at one time or another)
Gambling is much the same
When souls become cards stacked
 on a table or numbered balls
 in a roulette game -
"I'll give up 'such and such' privileges -
if you just let me _ _ _ _", or
" if you give me _ _ _, I promise
 _ _ _ _; "or not, and so it goes

Life is not fair, we hear it all the time
We ask God to be the arbitrator;
we want to negotiate,
 cut corners
Saying it with a sincere, sweet smile 
Instead, we need to cut short
our losses,
know when to stop, slow, or go 
We know nothing certain 
of the future, except we're taught
adages like "acceptance" and "balance"
They are so overused; let your heart 
and mind together decide between 
the old painting and rusty watering can


  1. Oh, how I enjoy yard sales. Not so much estate sales, as they are too crowded for me. I love the idea of discovering treasures for a bargain rate. And you are right, one should not buy out of emotionalism. One should NEED the treasure one bought...and both parties should ideally be satisfied.

  2. Yes sometimes we have those stages ... I tend to avoid getting too much stuff... I see my mother keeping all, so she cannot decide between treasures and mementos.. or even rubbish.. But how diffucult it must be to select the few item that really means anytfhing..

  3. I've learned a few tough lessons lately, and also, I suspect, it's my (ahem!) maturity kicking in. I don't need lots of stuff. I don't need a lot of space. Just... things that matter emotionally. Things that remind me of good times with people I love. Hmm... but I think I err towards emotions. There is stuff that you need, then there are things that give you joy - true joy. A thought-provoking poem.

  4. I am a great fan of thrift stores and yard sales.......I enjoyed this poem, a wonderful reflection of the small treasures in our lives......

  5. the first part--you had me relating...to the yard sales, i love them
    so much to be found there....i have had a lot of fun going...glad its getting warmer so i can go again.
    and then toward the end you turn serious...yes, i have been there too...smiles...

  6. I enjoy yard and garage sales, so much to find among the collections thrown as trash by people ~ I am looking forward to bargaining some this summer, smiles ~

  7. I'll take them both..,the old painting and the rusty watering can...why not! it is amazing the treasures we keep, give away and the ones that belong to others that we embrace as our own. lovely.

  8. I like how you move beyond the obvious and really reflect.

  9. A cool piece that takes us on a ride and unveils the reflection.

  10. Well done Katy we do acquire stuff don't we and hang onto it, often other people's stuff we think may be useful to us. I enjoyed your poem as I usually do.

  11. I think you touched a bit of my guilty junk collector conscience here - it was a fun read

  12. Its all a trade off, I think you are right, we have to use both our heart & mind when making these choices. I have used too much of both in the past ... And since we are in the midst of moving I am having to make these decisions daily. Great reflections!

  13. I like yard sales but prefer to sell or to look than to buy. My experience is that the seller can be disappointed to see the buyer does not think their item is as expensive as they had hoped. I like to think that objects can start a new life with a new owner.

  14. Yes, bargaining with God is all too frequent. I remember one of my sons saying to me once, "If you buy me that, then I'll be good!" I remember telling him not to bargain with me on things like that and then realized how often I do exactly the same thing in my relationship with God.

  15. I love seeking treasures at sales, and making the best of the bargain. I've learned though that somethings while interesting, are not meant to be my treasures but can wait for someone else! :-) Love this!

  16. Old book stores, antique stores, junk store, yard sales; my wife strolls through them looking for "good junk"; but the boxes full of them in the attic and basement and garage are testament to emotional impulse buying.


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