Monday, April 14, 2014

How many know the story? Poem # 14

I am unable to respond to others' poetry like I should so this is my last post on the NaPoWriMo website, although I will continue to write and post here for the rest of the month.  I am sorry for the lack 
of courtesy on my part.  All deserve to have their poetry read; I am far too slow at this to keep 
up with everything.
The prompt for today is to write a poem of 20 questions except for the last line.

Poem #14

How many know the story?
How old was the old oak tree?
Did the roosters crow in the morn so people could flea?
Was there no warning of bombs to hit the ground?
In 1936 why did the Germans attack an innocent town?
Why did 1400 people have to die in a 3 hour period of time?
Who remains in Guernica and what did it mean?
How many generations of people and acorns lost?
Was no one able to intervene?

How many now live in the little Basque town?
Have you been to the grotto there?
What symbol of freedom survived that unsuspecting day?
What now has replaced the rubble?
Where now do the people assemble to have their say?
What took the place of the huge old oak tree?
What, if any, village shops and businesses survived?
What was left after the carnage?
How many losses were of children's lives?

Is there anyone still living there who recalls?
What now stands as a memorial in the center of town?                                      
How have the families been remembered en masse?
Were some young trees kept alive?
Or is there a large stump encased in a protective case?
Have you seen the art Pablo Picasso achingly designed?
Do you know the place is guarded in marble and stained glass?
Who and how many will come to visit and come to know the story?

God bless the sacred ground of this small colony.        


  1. some interesting ponderings in your questions...
    so much of our history gets lost for lack of interest
    the stories go untold and soon enough are lost
    once generations pass....

  2. some great questions in this...esp. that first stanza moved me deeply


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