Thursday, April 3, 2014

NaPoWriMo - Poem # 3

April 3
NaPoWriMo - Poem #3


Driving the English countryside,
to a scenic picturesque small village
What to my wandering eyes appeared,
but a stream and an old mill's water wheel
Friendly, welcoming people, full of pride
an older hippie with long white beard
A slower pace, the smell of bread

In the Farmers' Market I spied 
huge green organic artichokes,
fresh fish, veggies galore,
the best fresh huckleberry pie
Truly thought I'd died
and gone to heaven
Cherry blossoms for miles
Don't miss the used book store sale

Picked up today's mail at the post office,
speed limit only 25 miles per....
two deer crossing as I turned into the lane                                                                            
Roses climbing, boats in the harbor safe
Over head an eagle's wings stretch,
I say "hello" to my friends returning, 
the grey whale family

April 2
NaPoWriMo - Poem #2

(re-written from my archive)

Flower of the Universe
breathe deep of fresh air
Traverse and release the ache
and focus elsewhere

Unburden fear and despair
Find your way to the center
Listen and learn for
you will find treasure

Stroll on the beguiling curves
Rest on a hued star
Reach out and believe
gentle voyager that you are

April 1
NaPoWriMo - Poem #1


Coffee to go, slice of banana bread
early morning class; need to clear my head
Sandwich board sign stands outside by the drive 
"Going out of business" - thought it would thrive
Cars in front of me rely on them, too
What had happened to cause them to be through?
I in my winter scarf still, felt saddened
I ordered and asked her what had happened
She asked me what day it was; I answered
April 1- that's when she said "April Fools!"
I laughed, said it was the best prank I'd seen
in a long time, told her I was relieved
Thank goodness any morning I need one,
I can rely on them still, fresh coffee,
hot, the smell of which awakes my slow brain

Happy April Fools Day NaPoWriMo


  1. What caught my attention and could serve as a travel poster is that English countryside. It's on my bucket list!

  2. i like the gentleness in that #3 of the day just rather unrolling a bit....the farmers market is def a fav place of mine to visit and to stop and talk to all the people along the way...

  3. The Farmer's Market is where items offered may not be available at the usual supermarts. They are a lot fresher too.Your write brings back the feel. Thanks Cathy!



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