Thursday, April 24, 2014

News of the week...

Over at Bjorn asks us to write poetic journalism, or a 'daily poem',  called 'dagsvers' in Sweden, and are usually about recent events in the news..


While  I  can' t  quite wrap  my head  around  it 
Brian Williams is rapping the news at a cool beat
Fallon' s  kicking  it on  the  Tonight  Show
For  living  green just  listen to  Michelle  O
The Mustang  is  50 years  old last  week   
It's Shakespeare's 450th say all the Tweets 
Now  that  tax  time is over until  next year
the focus is baseball - moves into high gear

The next thing we know there's another George!
His  parents  are  Kate M. and William  at  large
He' s  cuter  than  ever  at  eight  months  old
His  life  is  just  beginning  to  unfold..........
A  caring soul much like his grandmother, 
Di, and Paparazzi spreads rumors of a brother
Charming even when his nappy needs a change,
His  entire  life  is  already  prearranged             


  1. Very topical and quite adroit. We just can't take our eyes off that couple and their baby while the Queen turned 88 and looks as beautiful as ever. She well may outlive Prince Charles and no one would sob but Camilla. I'd say you took in the week...Fallon is funny and Brian Williams is???? Loved it!

  2. what a week aye? haha you got it all here... and that baby is def adorable... smiles

  3. My son came home from school excited that it was Shakespeare's 450th :)

  4. hey i am all for a little more baseball...ha...the late night shows are all turning over
    these days...i will def miss letterman.....

  5. Delightful! It would be so nice if Lady Di could see this child. Love the cute picture, too. ;)

  6. Delightful! (Oh, Linda said that too; it must be true. :) )

  7. isn't it sad on his already pre-arranged life... and i would love if we had a bit more baseball in the news...but over here's just soccer...oy

  8. There's a very nice balance to this, the beginning kind of screaming and gaudy, and the ending sort of sweet. Enjoyed this read very much!

  9. prince george has already captured the hearts of millions :)

  10. Glad I'm not royal...or even a celebrity. I couldn't handle the stress.

  11. I now have Brian Williams singing "Rapper's Delight" in my head.

  12. To have your life predestined can't be fun... Brilliant dagsvers

  13. Sad the little fellows life is predestined - but I doubt there will be much angst in his life...
    Anna :o]

  14. I just saw baby pics at the grocery store..telling all of his new wardrobe..

  15. The Brian Williams raps are addictive, aren't they?

  16. This gave me a smile but I feel sorry for those who are so in the world's scrutiny.

  17. This gave me a smile, but I feel sorry for those born into the limelight like that. Any mistake they make (if they have a chance to make one) is magnified. And how do we learn but my mistakes?


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