Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hello Beautiful!

             Hello Beautiful!

             Have I told you lately what I love about you ?  I love your catching smile,
             your electric aura, the map of your nervous system, muscular and lymphatic,
             skeletal, too. Your purple veins throb faster, ecstatically, when I am close to
             you;   I love your super energy.
             Not to mention your red hot saucy, steamy sensuality.  Lest I forget your 
             poise, your intellect and grace, fine morals,  your true blue heart.  But what 
             colors you most - is your vital and winning personality, your soul of glittery 

             Forever yours


  1. I imagine you looking at the mirror, smiles ~ I love the positive energy coming from the true blue heart ~

    Thanks for gifting us with another lovely poem ~ Wishing you Happy Week ~


  2. ha. cool love poem....loving all their inside....its cool...and then characteristics...i would love to get a love poem that sees beyond the surface....

  3. Ah - what an enticing love letter.. The color works so well in creating a positive image that you see in perfection of a loved one..


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